Еvеry сountry has its сustoms

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Еvеry сountry has its сustoms

1 Translate the title of the lesson. What do you think: What are you going to discuss in this lesson?

2 Listen to the words and expressions, repeat them after the speaker and then read them.

culture, lecture, future, nature, sculpture, creature

Буквосочетание ture читается как 5-10-12.jpg

3 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

clothes 5-10-13.jpg — одежда
central heating — центральное отопление
grass — трава
brown bread — черный хлеб
a hot water bottle — грелка
a basin ['beisn] — раковина
to wear 5-10-14.jpg — носить (об одежде)
to feel 5-10-15.jpg — чувствовать
to surprise 5-10-16.jpg — удивлять
to be different from smth — отличаться от чего-либо
the English — англичане
still — зд. еще
to mix — смешивать
really 5-10-17.jpg — на самом деле
to put the plug in the plug hole — затыкать пробкой отверстие в раковине


Guess the meaning of the underlined words.

1.    In summer we wearsandals 5-10-19.jpg
2.    English culture 5-10-20.jpg is very interesting.

4  Read the letter, then listen to it and answer the O'yy questions:  

1.    Who is writing the letter?
2.    Who is the letter to?   
3.    What is the letter about?

A letter home


I'm fine. My life here is very busy and interesting. I'm learning a lot about England. It's very different from Russia. My first big surprise is the bathroom. There are two taps! One for hot water and one for cold water. When I wash my hands I must put the plug in the plug hole and mix the water in the basin.

The second shock is English weather.

It's November, but it's not cold. There is no snow either, but Christmas is in the air because there are Christmas trees and decorations in all the shops. It's funny. The grass is green, there are still roses in the garden, and the weather is very rainy. It's about 15 degrees and I wear my sweater. But you must see the English. They don't feel cold. Some people still wear sandals and T-shirts and don't wear any warm clothes.

But it's not summer. At night the house is cold. Central heating is expensive and they don't use it very often. So I go to bed with a hot water bottle. (Please don't tell my friends.)

English food is very strange too. I'm often hungry because we usually have lunch at twelve and dinner at nine o'clock in the evening. And I don't really like English food. They eat a lot of cheese. We get cheese sandwiches for breakfast and cheese sandwiches for lunch. My big problem is bread. They don't have any black bread here and they don't eat any bread with their dinner.

Please don't worry about me. These things are not a problem. This country is so nice because it's so different. It's very interesting to learn about a different culture. I'm OK and I'm having a lot of fun with Betsey and her family.


2-10-38.jpg Is Misha happy in England? Explain your answer.
5  Agent Cute wants to know all about the boys so he read (прочитал)
Misha's letter. There are some mistakes in Agent Cute's report to the boss. Find and correct the mistakes.


6 Remember the information from this book and "Happy".
Complete the table with the following information and tell your friends about the differences between England and Russia.

England Russia
The weather in November is warm but rainy. It is very cold and there is a lot of snow in November.

1.    The weather in November is warm but rainy.
2.    It is very cold and there is a lot of snow in November.
3.    There is a tap for cold water and a tap for hot water.
4.    People wear sandals and T-shirts.
5.    There is no brown bread.
6.    People wear a lot of warm clothes in November.
7.    Central heating isn't very expensive.
8.    Central heating is very expensive.
9.    There is one tap for cold and hot water.
10.    People go to bed with hot water bottles.
11.    People eat bread with their dinner.
12.    The grass is green in November.
13.    People normally have dinner at seven o'clock.
14.    People normally have dinner at nine o'clock.
15.    People don't eat much bread with their dinner.


A Imagine that you are an English guest in Russia. You are visiting your
village / town / city in winter. Write a letter about your visit. Don't forget to write about some unusual and surprising things about Russia.
В Find some interesting information about Christmas and New Year traditions in any country. Be ready to tell your classmates about them.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 6 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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Содержание урока
1236084776 kr.jpg конспект урока
1236084776 kr.jpg опорный каркас  
1236084776 kr.jpg презентация урока
1236084776 kr.jpg акселеративные методы 
1236084776 kr.jpg интерактивные технологии 

1236084776 kr.jpg задачи и упражнения 
1236084776 kr.jpg самопроверка
1236084776 kr.jpg практикумы, тренинги, кейсы, квесты
1236084776 kr.jpg домашние задания
1236084776 kr.jpg дискуссионные вопросы
1236084776 kr.jpg риторические вопросы от учеников

1236084776 kr.jpg аудио-, видеоклипы и мультимедиа 
1236084776 kr.jpg фотографии, картинки 
1236084776 kr.jpg графики, таблицы, схемы
1236084776 kr.jpg юмор, анекдоты, приколы, комиксы
1236084776 kr.jpg притчи, поговорки, кроссворды, цитаты

1236084776 kr.jpg рефераты
1236084776 kr.jpg статьи 
1236084776 kr.jpg фишки для любознательных 
1236084776 kr.jpg шпаргалки 
1236084776 kr.jpg учебники основные и дополнительные
1236084776 kr.jpg словарь терминов                          
1236084776 kr.jpg прочие 

Совершенствование учебников и уроков
1236084776 kr.jpg исправление ошибок в учебнике
1236084776 kr.jpg обновление фрагмента в учебнике 
1236084776 kr.jpg элементы новаторства на уроке 
1236084776 kr.jpg замена устаревших знаний новыми 

Только для учителей
1236084776 kr.jpg идеальные уроки 
1236084776 kr.jpg календарный план на год  
1236084776 kr.jpg методические рекомендации  
1236084776 kr.jpg программы
1236084776 kr.jpg обсуждения

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