Завдання: Повторення матеріалу (Units 4-6).

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Тема: «Повторення матеріалу (Units 4-6).»

Present Simple

Complete these sentences according to your own opinion. Write affirmative or negative sentences using the present simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. Every day I __________(have) breakfast at home before going to school.

2. I usually _______ (visit) a friend at weekends.

3. I _______(bake) a cake for dessert on Saturdays.

4. I ________(take) the bus to visit my cousins.
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5. Every Wednesday I _______ home earlier.

6. On Fridays I ________(swim) in the health center.

7. I _______(think) physical exercise is good for our health.

8. I _____(believe) I have good eating habits.
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9 I always ______(sleep) eight hours.

10. I _______(drink) juice.

11. I ______(like) fizzy drinks.

12. I _______(try) to have a good lunch with vegetables every day.

13. I _______(forget) dessert.
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14. I ______(eat) fruit in the afternoon, at tea time.

15. I ______(be) in good shape.

16. I _________(hate) tight clothes.

17. I ____(spend) my holidays with my family.

18. I _______(work) very hard every day

19. I _____(draw) beautifully.
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20. I______(remember) everything I see during my holidays.

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