Завдання: Розвиток монологічного мовлення по пройденим темам

Завдання до предмету Англійська мова, 9 клас
Тема: «Розвиток монологічного мовлення по пройденим темам»

Topic 11    My Holiday Trip
My family can’t imagine our life without travelling. I’m going to tell you about one of my holiday trips.

Last year
Two years ago
In December
my family and I
my parents and I
went to
were in
... for a week
ten days
a couple of days
we went there by plane
so it took us … hours to get there


We stayed



a luxurious hotel in the centre of the city
a small family-run hotel in the suburbs
our relatives (friends)
The weather was perfect
warm and sunny with cloudless sky
a bit cold and windy
rainy all the time
too hot for me

The local people were friendly (unfriendly)
polite (impolite)
helpful (unhelpful)
noisy and sociable
well-dressed (badly- dressed)

We visited a lot of historical sites
all major tourist attractions
some medieval castles, ancient churches, palaces, the local zoo
cinemas, theatres, museums, art galleries, exhibitions, etc.

Besides that, we walked along the old narrow streets
admired the magnificent monuments of the past
enjoyed the picturesque nature
took a lot of photos
bought some lovely clothes ( souvenirs, presents)
had meals in cosy restaurants and cafes
tried some delicious dishes of national cuisine

As for other activities, we also went swimming in the lake
sailing in the river
rollerblading in the park
cycling in the centre
for a ride on a snowmobile

All in all, it was an unforgettable trip and an awesome experience. It’s worth visiting for many reasons and I wouldn’t mind going there once again.

Надіслано вчителем міжнародного ліцею „Гранд” Афанасьєвою Л.А.

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