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Тема «Повторення граматичної теми Reported Speech (statements)»

Reported Speech 1

1.  “My parents are very well.”
She said that ______________________________________________

2.  “I am going to learn to drive.”
He said that _______________________________________________

3.  “John has given up his job.”
Charlie said that ___________________________________________

4.  “I can’t come to the party on Friday.”
Ann told her sister that ______________________________________

5.  “We want to go away for a holiday.”
My friends told me __________________________________________

6.  “I will phone you as soon as possible.”
Jane said to Peter that _______________________________________

7.  “I don’t know what Fred is doing.”
Tom said that ______________________________________________

8.  “Our parents saw Helen at the theatre.”
The children said that ________________________________________

9.  “My father isn’t in London now.”
Mary told us that ____________________________________________

10. “Jackie likes the new gym very much.”
Our cousin said that _________________________________________

11. “We are going out with our friends this evening.”
The boys said that ___________________________________________

12.  “We are not enjoying our job very much.”
They told the reporter that

13. “My uncle doesn’t want to move to Brighton.”
Mrs. Brown said that _________________________________________

14. “Margaret hasn’t seen this comedy.”
Margaret’s parents said that ___________________________________

15. “I will tell Ann I saw you.”
Susan said that _____________________________________________

16. “Sharon and Paul are getting married next month.”
He said that ________________________________________________

17. “I had lunch at seven o’clock.”
I said that __________________________________________________

18. “We went to Cyprus last month.”
She said that _______________________________________________

19. “This is a very expensive restaurant.”
My girlfriend told me that ______________________________________

20. “My friends have been to Mexico twice.”
My uncle told me that ________________________________________

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