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Stories - The Greedy Hippo

The Greedy Hippo
There was a greedy hippo. He ate everything in sight.
From cheese to peas, chips and cake, he always had a bite.


Now Hippo he was selfish. He ate everybody’s food.
He ate the cat’s, the dog’s, the cow’s. He was very, very rude.

One morning after breakfast, he jumped into the lake.
One big splash and he was stuck. That was a big mistake.

The hippo he sank deeper, then began to shout.
“Help, please help, I’m sinking. Won’t someone pull me out?”

The animals all pulled and pulled, as hard as they were able.
Out he popped, ran past them all, and ate everything on their table.

The animals were angry, and thought they’d play a trick.
They made a pie from fish and soap to make old Hippo sick.

“Here you are, we’ve made a pie, especially for you.”
“Thanks,” he said, “I’ll eat it now. I’ve nothing else to do.”

First a nibble, then a bite, then a great big swallow.
He then went back into the lake, the place he loved to wallow.

But something wasn’t right, thought Hippo, “I feel quite odd inside.”
Now he had a tummy ache as the cooks looked on with pride.

Hippo learnt his lesson. It was the end of all their troubles.
He was last seen leaving town, blowing fishy bubbles.

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