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                                        Swinging in the rainforest
Lucy Wisdom used to swing on the trapezes in a circus. Now she is swinging among the trees of the Sumatran rainforest, teaching orphaned orang-utans what should have come naturally.

Helpless young orang-utans have been arriving almost daily into Lucy’s care at the Bohorok rehabilitation centre, usually after they have been in captivity for a couple of years or more. Regarded as charming when tiny, they soon outgrow their cages and are sometimes close to starvation when they appear at the centre.

Being “mother” to a growing proportion of one of the world’s most endangered species is not for the faint-hearted, yet it is something in which Lucy clearly revels. “I feel so lucky when I’m surrounded by the apes,” she says. “I feel safe in the jungle with the apes when I’m doing practical stuff.”


Her mission is certainly practical. She has been setting up a website, trying to gain global charity status and recruiting rock stars in her campaign to save the orang-utans, whose numbers have fallen by three-quarters since the mid-1970s.But Lucy’s superhuman contribution to saving and rehabilitating infant apes lies in the fact that most of her adulthood has been spent as a performing artist and acrobat. She may not talk to the animals like Dr Doolittle, but Lucy thinks nothing of climbing 20-metre high trees and peeling patches of bark with her teeth to show young orang-utans what they should be doing.

“There is an intensely strong tie between mother and baby, and if that’s broken, the infants don’t learn anything,” she explains. “I go into the forest and use my trapeze skills to help teach the small apes how to climb.”

It is little wonder that Lucy feels she has arrived at her life’s calling. There can be few jobs which need acrobatic training and stage experience – another skill she is about to utilise to organize a touring show to educate youngsters about the importance of conservation. Yet, as the need increases to provide an even stronger safety net for the ever-decreasing population of orang-utans, the Bohorok centre was forced to close its doors to new entrants. Part of the difficulty was the proximity of a wild orang-utan population, which made the local release of previously captive apes impossible and, further afield, the trees have been cut down. Unless funding is raised for a new centre, it will be impossible to look after the large number of pets which owners are now willing to give up. Lucy is now contacting multi-national companies to help her campaign to save the orang-utans.

Orang-utans tend to be solitary animals, noticeably so in older age. This is one of the reasons they have been less studied than other apes such as chimpanzees – even though they are 96.4% genetically linked to humans and appear to share many characteristics with us. They even suffer from the same diseases as we do. With the help of Lucy and people like her, the future of these gentle giants may well be assured. 

Buckingham    Guardian Society

Read the article about Lucy Wisdom. For (1-10) write T in the brackets if the statement is true ACCORDING TO the text, or F if it is false.

Lucy has not always worked as a conservationist.  (   )

The orang-utans Lucy looks after are usually brought in from the wild.  (   )

Lucy feels the jungle is a dangerous place.  (   )

Lucy has turned to famous people to help her in her work.  (   )

Lucy is one of the few people able to help orang-utans learn vital life skills.  (   )

Baby orang-utans have a close relationship with both parents.  (   )

Lucy aims to use her acting experience to teach people about conservation.  (   )

The area Lucy works in is in desperate need of a new centre.  (   )

Orang-utans spend a lot of time in groups.  (   )

Orang-utans  are not as similar to humans as other apes.  )   )

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