Тема 14. Граматичний м-л: Conditionals

Conditionals (1): zero, first, second
Does this sentence refer to the past or the present?
If I had more money, I would buy another CD.

zero conditional
if + a present tense + a present tense
•    used for general or scientific truths
If you have your own business, you work very hard.

Q first conditional
if + present tense + will (or other modal) + bare infinitive if + present tense + imperative
•    used for real or likely situations
If you are having problems, your bank manager will try to help.
If you are having problems, speak to your bank manager. □ second conditional
if + past (simple or continuous) + would (or other modal) + bare infinitive
•    used for impossible, unlikely or hypothetical situations If I were you, I would set up my own business.

See Grammar database 9 on page 178 for more information.

Find this sentence in the article on page 45 and underline it.
If you're younger, it is harder to impress people.

Find another five conditional sentences and underline them. Decide whether each one is a zero, first or second conditional.

Circle the correct words or phrases to complete these sentences.
1    If I had enough money, I will / would buy a new computer.
2    We'll / We'd get there before the shops close if we hurry up.
3    I always buy clothes in the latest style, if I can / could afford it.
4    If you don't have the receipt, they won't / wouldn't give you your money back.
5    I always spend / would spend too much money if I go / went shopping.

Use these prompts to write sentences using if.
1    I / be / you /1 / ask my parents for more pocket money
2    you / win / the lottery / what / you / do with the money?
3    the shops / busy this afternoon / we / drive to the new supermarket
4    charities / have more money / people / be / more generous
5    you / go / to the police / you / find / someone's wallet?
Complete these sentences for yourself.
1    If charities ask me for money,...
2    If I go shopping,...
3    If I have a little extra money,...
4    If I needed more money,...
unless, in case, as long as. rovided that
Take some money     you see something you want to buy.

Which of these words and phrases completes the sentence above?
unless, in case, as long as, provided that

Qunless = except if
/'// get you some new trainers, unless
they're too expensive.

Qin case = because...might
Let's leave now in case the shops close early.

Qas long as / provided that = only if
/'// lend you some money as long as / provided that you pay me back tomorrow.
See Grammar database 10 on page 179 for more information.

Use the phrases in the box to complete the text.
unless • in case • as long as

Claire Owen had never won anything,
1    you count a spelling contest
when she was seven. Then, one day, she won twenty million euros on the national lottery.
'I asked my husband to pinch me 2   
I was dreaming!' laughs Claire. 'Then I started
to panic 3    I'd lost the ticket, but I
had it safely in my purse. I knew the win could
affect my life badly 4    1 was careful,
but I thought I would be okay 5   
I used the money wisely. I invested some,
6    1 needed it in the future, and
I gave some to friends and family. Being rich is
okay, 7    you remember who you are
and who your true friends are.'