Тема 16. Граматичний матеріал.Countable

Grammar in Use
•    Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Grammar Reference

Complete the table.
•    coffee • flour • rice • burger • salad • meat
•    aubergine • spaghetti • pizza • butter • apple
•    bread • orange juice • water • tea • egg
•    sugar • sandwich • potato • tomato • berry
•    honey • mussel • salt • milk • biscuit • shrimp

Countable nouns:..............................................

Uncountable nouns: coffee,......................................

b) Study the examples, then complete the rules.
I've got an apple/some money.

I've got some bananas.

I haven't got any berries/flour.

Have you got any eggs/bread?

Can I have some coffee, please?

We use......... / ..........., ............with singular countable nouns.
We use...........with plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns in the affirmative.
We use ............ with plural countable nouns

• Containers
Fill in: packet, carton, jar, box, bar, bag bottle, tin, tube
1 a .........of crisps, sweets; 2 a ..........milk, orange juice; 3 a ...........of soap, chocola^
4 a...........of beans, tuna, pineapple; 5 .........of rice, tea, spaghetti; 6 a..........of lemonade, tomato sauce; 7 a .........marmalade, jam, coffee; 8 a.....chocolates, cereal; 9 a ...........of sugar, 10 a ............ of toothpaste, tomato paste

• Quantifiers
Grammar Reference
Fill in: some, any, no, much, many, little or few.
1    A: How ..............apples do you nee:"
      B: Oh, just a .................
2    A: There are ................. potatoes left, but then aren't     carrots.
      B: Well, I'll go to the shop and buy............. we need"
3    A: We haven't got ........... butter let. I used it all yesterday.

      B: Why don't you use margarine instead?
4    A: There were.........tomatoes left at the greengrocer's this morning so I didn't buy .................  .

Now ask and answer, as in the example.
-Can I help you?

-Yes, please. I'd like a packet of crisps and a carton of orange juice.


In pairs, think of your favourite recipe and the ingredients you need to prepare it. You and your partner act out a dialogue in front of the class as if you were making a shopping list for this recipe. Students, in teams, try to guess what the dish is. The first team to guess correctly is the winner.
A: Is there any flour in the cupboard?
B: No, I think I used it all.

A: All right. What about sugar? etc

• Reported Speech -Special Introductory Verbs
Grammar Reference
Study the examples and answer the questions.

"You  should lose  some weight," he said to me. He advised me to lose some weight.
"Let's  go   to   that  new Italian restaurant," he said. He suggested going to the new Italian restaurant.

"The   restaurant  will  be closed until further notice," she said to us. She informed us that the restaurant would be closed until further notice.

1    Which sentence uses the to- infinitive/that- dause/-ing form?
2    Which verbs have been used to introduce them?

Match the sentences to the introductory verbs, then sentences into reported speech, as in the example.
1    "Stand to attention!"                                                                                    a agree
2    "Will you come to dinner?"                                                                           b beg
3    "Alright. I'll go to the supermarket                                                                  c accuse
4    "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings."                                                                       d explain
5    "I'll definitely pick you up."                                                                             e offer
6    "No, I didn't break the vase."                                                                          f order
7    "Please, please be careful."                                                                           g apologise
8    "You ate all the chocolate cake."                                                                    h promise
9    "Would you like a cup of coffee?"                                                                    i invite
10    "I didn't like the soup because it was too salty."                                              j deny

1 - f   He ordered me to stand to attention.

19 Rewrite the sentences below in reported speech using the introductory verbs, as in the example.
•    advise • invite • refuse • threaten • complain • encourage
•    promise • remind • warn • order

1    "I'm not going to wash the dishes!" said Thomas. Thomas refused to wash the dishes.
2    "Stop complaining or I'll leave," Betty said to him.
3    "I'll pick you up at the airport," he said.
4    "My feet are sore," Paula said.
5    "That knife is very sharp," Mum said to us.
6    "Let's go to my house for lunch," she said to us.
7    "Don't forget to pay the rent," Gary said to Bill.
8    "Oh, come on! Come to the party," Ann said to Sue.
9    "I think you should apply to this university," Dad said to me.
10    "Pick up those clothes," she said to me.

20 Rewrite the sentences in reported speech using the appropriate introductory verb.
1    "I'll give you a lift to school tomorrow," Ann said.
2    "Yes, I tore your new blouse," said Karen.
3    "I didn't take your pen," said Roger.
4    "I can't come to your party because I'll be away," she said to Jim.
5    "Let's eat at the Ashton restaurant tonight," he said to us.
6    "Go to your room immediately!" Dad said.
7    "You must try this pie. It's delicious!" Fred said.
8    "Put your hands on your head!" the policeman said to the thief.

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