Тема 16. Знайомство з новою лексикою по темі Food and drink

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1   Look at the pictures and number the things in the list. Which of these are: - vegetables? - fruit?   - drinks?   - junk food?   - pulses?
an apple 


bananas beans 



bread rolls


a burger

carrots cauliflower





a boiled egg








an onion

an orange
orange juice


a peach
a pear



spring onionsr

a strawberry


2  a) What is your favourite dish? What do you usually eat/drink: - at school/work?  - on a special occasion (e.g. a birthday party)?
b)    Do you like eating meat, or are you a vegetarian? Which of the things in Ex. 1 are not suitable for a vegetarian?
c)    Which of the things in Ex. 1 are suitable for someone who wants a healthy diet?

•    Can I take your order'
•    What about your die
•    May I take your orde'
•    And for the main course
•    What's today's specie
•    That sounds nice.

•    Not much.
•    It's all gone.
•    There was a lot left over.
•    He was starving!
•    It'll just be bread and cheese for dinner now!
Listen to the dialogues and tick (+) the food/drinks mentioned in each.

Dial. A bread ...   fish ...    cheese ...    rice ...
Dial. B double cheeseburger ...    fried eggs ...
large serving of fries ...    pizza ...
side salad ... fruit salad    ... apple pie ...
Diet Coke ...
Dial. C pasta... vegetable soup ...  grilled chicken grilled fish ...   carrots ...   mineral water ...

 a) Read the dialogues and say where each one takes place, then answer the questions. Finally, explain the words in bold.
1    What is Sue going to buy from the corner shop?
2    Who ate the chicken left over from last night?
3    Who is on a diet?
4    What does Tim want to drink?

A     Sue: I'm going to get some things from the corner shop, Bill. What do we need?
Bill: Let's see ... Well, we need a loaf of bread and some cheese.

Sue: Is there any rice? Bill: Not much. Perhaps you should get some more. Sue: Okay. And there's plenty of chicken left from last night, so we can have that.
Bill: Urn ... it's all gone, actually. Sue: All gone?! But there was a lot left over! Bill: Er ... I'm afraid I felt sorry for that stray cat again.
Sue: And you gave him all our chicken? Bill: He was starving!
Sue: Well, I wanted to make chicken curry - but I think it'll just be bread and cheese for dinner now!

B: Waitress: Can I take your order?
Les: Yes - I'd like a double cheeseburger with a large fries, a side salad and an apple pie, please.
Ron: But Les, what about your diet?

Les: Oh, yes, I forgot! Can I have a Diet Coke too, please?

b)    In pairs read out the dialogues.
c)    Read the dialogues again and underline the phrases/sentences used in Ex. 3. Who said each phrase/sentence?

Now make sentences, as in the example.
I don't like lemons, because they are too sour. I prefer chocolates, because I love sweet things.

Virginia Evans, Neil O'Sullivan, Click On 2

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