Тема 28. Граматична структура “ going to”. Стверджувальна форма.Тема 29. Граматична структура “ going to”. Питальна та заперечна форми.

• "be going to'

Affirmative:        I am/You are/etc. going to ...

Negative:          I'm not/You aren't/etc. going to ...

Interrogative:      Am I/Are you/etc. going to ...

Short answers:   Yes, I am/you are/etc.
                         No, I'm not/you aren't/etc.
•    We use going to to talk about our future plans. She's going to get married soon.
[= She's planning to get married.)
•    We also use going to to talk about predictions based on what we see. Look out! You're going to fall.

Time words with the future: tomorrow, this weekend, next Monday/Tuesday/etc., next month/week/etc.

Study the examples. Which sentence expresses a future plan or intention? Which is a prediction based on what we can see?

Q    a) Kate is going out tonight. Look at the pictures, then, in pairs, use the prompts to ask and answer questions, as in the example.
A: Is Kate going to wear the green skirt? B: No, it's too long.

b) What is Kate going to wear tonight?


They really suit her.