Тема 3. Введення Present Continuous.

Affirmative                                 Negative                              Interrogative
Long form  
Short form  

Long form
Short form
I am walking You are walking He is walking She is walking It is walking We are walking You are walking They are walking
Spelling rules
I'm walking You're walking He's walking She's walking It's walking We're walking You're walking They're walking
I am not walking You are not walking He is not walking She is not walking It is not walking We are not walking You are not walking They are not walking
I'm not walking You aren't walking He isn't walking She isn't walking It isn't walking We aren't walking You aren't walking They aren't walking
Am I walking? Are you walking? Is he walking? Is she walking? Is it walking? Are we walking? Are you walking? Are they walking?


We use Present Continuous for temporary actions or actions happening now.

78) Add -ing to the verbs.
1.    climb
2.    swim
3.    cut
.climbing  4. cook
     5. ride
    6. run

7.    dance
8.    write
9.    drive