Тема 3. Введення Present Continuous.

           Affirmative                                 Negative                                                           Interrogative
Long form              Short form               Long form                       Short form
I am walking           I'm walking             I am not walking               I'm not walking             Am I walking?

You are walking      You're walking       You are not walking           You aren't walking        Are you walking?

He is walking          He's walking          He is not walking              He isn't walking             Is he walking?

She is walking        She's walking         She is not walking            She isn't walking           Is she walking?

It is walking             It's walking             It is not walking                It isn't walking              Is it walking?

We are walking       We're walking        We are not walking            We aren't walking          Are we walking?

You are walking      You're walking        You are not walking           You aren't walking        Are you walking?

They are walking     They're walking       They are not walking         They aren't walking        Are they walking?


We use Present Continuous for temporary actions or actions happening now.
Add -ing to the verbs.
1.    climb         .........climbing
2.    swim         .........
3.    cut            .........
4. cook             ........
5. ride              ........

6.  run              ........
7. dance           ........
8. write             ........
9. drive             ........

13. Present Continuous

(79) Fill in: am, is or are.
1.    He, eating a banana.
2.    It     flying.
3.    I     ,   reading.

4.    They   
5.    She ,,   
6.    We   

cooking, walking.

Complete the sentences as in the example:
Long form
1.    I .am.,, singing.
2.    We ...,       brushing our teeth.
3.    He......    ,     doing his homework.
4.    It    .... flying.
5.    They ...are not. drinking tea.
6.    You    sitting.
7.    She     swimming.
8.    It    barking.
Short form
l.'m... singing
It    flying.
They ..aren't, drinking tea.
You    ,    sitting.
She ,.     swimming
It     barking.
Read the text and write the people's names in the picture. Then cover the text and say what the people are doing.

Pam is reading a book. Ben and Helen are sitting in the sun. Paul is kicking a ball. Mike is drinkir Coke. Jenny is crying. Carol is eating an ice-cream. Jane and Susan are singing. Steven and Alic< are listening to the radio . Harry is sleeping. George is painting. Mary is brushing her hair.

The prince 1) .is looking,,, (look) at the water. A swan 2),    ,   
Birds 3)     (fly) in the sky. The prince's horse 4)..........
grass. Bob and Tim 5).......................... (sit) on a rock. They 6)   
Look! The prince 7)     (cry). Can you guess why?

Short answers
    , (swim).
    ■ (eat)
....... (talk).