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Мета уроку

1. Познайомитися із адаптованою літературою.

2. Навчитися читати, розуміти та переказувати адаптовані тексти.

Хід уроку


Hi, children! We are ready to begin our lesson. Today we have some interesting tasks. We will read the adapted story by O.Henry which is called "Witche's Loaves", try to understand and translate it, do some tasks after the text and retell it.

O henry stamp

Читання адаптованого тексту

Witches' Loaves

Miss Martha Meacham had a small bakery. She was not very rich but not poor. She had two thousand dollars in the bank. Miss Martha was forty years old and had a kind heart. Although she was sill unmarried she hoped to get married some time.

Small bakery

Two or three times a week a customer came in her bakery to buy some bread. He was a middle-aged man with a beard and he wore glasses. Soon Miss Martha began to take an interest in him. He spoke English with a strong German accent. His clothes were old but clean and he had good manners. He always bought two loaves of stale bread. Fresh bread was five cents a loaf. Stale bread was two loafs for five cents. The customer never bought fresh bread.

Five Cents

Once Miss Martha saw red and brown stains on his hands. She was sure then that he was an artist and very poor. She was sure he lived in a cold room where he painted his pictures. He ate stale bread and thought of the good things that were sold in Miss Martha's bakery. When she sat down to dinner or had tea and jam, she used to think of the poor artist with good manners and feel sorry for him. She wanted to share all the good tings she had with the well-mannered man. I have told you already that Miss Martha had a kind heart.

One day she brought from her room a picture that she had bought many years before. With its help she hoped to find out whether the man was really an artist. It was a Venetian scene. There was a beautiful palace in he picture, gondolas, young ladies, the moon and the stars. She hung the picture on the wall of her bakery so that the artist could notice it. 

Two days passed. The customer came in for bread.


"Two loaves of stale bread, please! You have here a fine picture, madam", he said taking the bread from her. Miss Martha was very happy to hear these words.

"Do you think it is a good picture?", she said. "Well...", he said, "he palace is not so good. The perspective is not true. Good morning, madam."

He took his bread and left. Yes, he must be an artist! Miss Martha was sure of it now. She took the picture back to her room. How kindly his eyes shone behind his glasses! How clever he was!

Time went on. Sometimes he talked to her for a few minutes. He bought only stale bread as before. He never bought a cake, or a loaf of fresh bread. Miss Martha began to wear her new dress in the bakery. She also bought some cold cream in order to make her face a little more beautiful.

One day the customer came in as usual and asked for stale loaves. While Miss Martha was getting them from the shelf the siren of a fire-engine was heard. The customer ran o the door to look. Suddenly a bright idea came to Miss Martha. On one of the shelves there was a pound of butter she had bought in the morning. With her bread knife Miss Martha made a deep cut in each of the stale loaves. Then she quickly put a big piece of butter into each cut and pressed the loaves together again. When the customer turned from the door she was wrapping the loaves in paper. As usual, he sad a few pleasant words to her and left. 

After he had gone, Miss Martha smiled to herself. But she was not sure...Had she the right to do such a thing?...Who knows? Artists have their pride. Will he be angry with her? Still, the more she thought of it the more she became sure that the customer would not be angry. Miss Martha blushed. Will he think of the hand that put the butter in the bread? Will he thank her in his heart?...

Suddenly the front door bell rang loudly. Someone was coming in making a lot of noise. Miss Martha hurried to the door. Two men were there. One was a young man smoking a pipe. She had never seen him before. The other was her artist. His face was very red. His hat was on the back of his head. His eyes looked at her angrily. He raised his fists and shook hem in Miss Martha's face. The young man tried to pull him away.

"I will not go", the artist shouted, "I want to tell her all! You have spoiled everything!", he cried. Miss Martha was silent. She could no say a word. She put her hand to her heart. The young man took the artist by the arm.

"Let's go", he said. "You have said too much". He dragged the angry artist out into the street. Then he came back to the bakery.

"I want to explain everything", he said. "That man's name is Blumberger. He is an architectural draftsman. I work in the same office with him. It took him three months to draw a plan for a new building. It was for a prize competition. That's why he worked so hard at it. He finished inking the lines yesterday. You know a draftsman always makes his drawing in pencil first. After that he inks the line. When it's done he rubs out the pencil lines with stale bread. It is better than India-rubber. Blumberger has always bought stale bread here. Today he tried to rub out the pencil lines of his plan with the bread he bought in your bakery...Well, you know that butter is not good for must understand that his plan can now be used only as paper for sandwiches".

Miss Martha went to her room. She took off her new dress. She put on the old brown one she used to wear. Then she threw the cold cream you of the window.

Виконання вправ після тексту

Now let's do some exercises to see how you understood the text.

Girl writing

Ex.1 Answer the questions:

1. How many persons are mentioned n this story?

2. What were their names?

3. What did the customer always buy?

4. What did he need it for?

5. What did Miss Martha do?

6. Why was the customer angry?

7. Who explained the situation to Miss Martha?

8. What is the end of the story?   

Ex.2 Fill the gaps with prepositions:

1. Soon Miss Martha took an interest ___ the customer.

2. He spoke English ___ a strong German accent.

3. Miss Martha was very sorry ___ the artist ___ good manners.

4. Miss Martha wanted to be ___ some help ___ him, to share ___ him everything she had.

5. She made a deep cut ___ each ___ he loaves ___ her bread knife and put a piece ___ butter ___ each cut, then she wrapped the loaves ___ paper.

6. Miss Martha was afraid that he would be angry ___ her.

7. His hat was ___ back ___ is head.

8. He said he worked ___ the same office ___ the artist.

Переказ тексту

Now I want you to retell the text. Let us do it one by one. Учні переказують текст один за одним, кожен по невеликому абзацу.

Кінець уроку

So, our lesson is over. Thank you very much, you accomplished the tasks well. Goodbye!

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