5a Reading Skills

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Reading Skills


1 THINK!  Have you ever seen someone keeping in a shop doorway, in a train station or on a park bench? Why do you think these people don't have a h'

2  Read the title of the text and the introduction. What do you think Jasmine's life is like? Discuss in pairs. Q Listen and check.

3 RNE  Read the text and choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) to answer the questions. Explain the words in bold.

1    Jasmine left home because
A it was bad.
B her parents died.
C she wanted to be independent.
 D she wanted to live with her friends.

2    She moved to London because she thought
A her friends didn't want her any more.
B she would make new friends there.
C she would get a job there.
D life would be easier there.

3    She spent the first few nights
A on the street.
B in a B&B.
C on a park bench.
D at a fixed address.

4    The buildings she occasionally stays in
A    have plenty of room for the homeless.
B    are not used any more.
C    can be colder than the streets.
D    are used by others during the day.

5    Jasmine thinks the worst thing about being homeless is
A having nothing to do.
B the noise from the traffic.
C asking for money from strangers.
D the cold weather.

6    More than anything, Jasmine wants
A a job.
B her own home.
C her self-confidence back.
D to be taken seriously.


Every single night of the year, around 1,200 people sleep rough on hard benches and in grubby doorways on the streets of various English cities. Jasmine, twenty-two, is one of them. At first, huddled in a door entrance asking passers-by for money, she is reluctant to open up, but then she begins to talk. This is her story...

4 a Fill in: industrial, capital, cosmopolitan, overcrowded, historic, market, boom, shanty, new

1    Manchester is a(n).............    city because there are many factories and warehouses there.
2    York is a(n) because it dates from 71 AD.
3    Newcastle was a(n) in the 19th century because of the mining industry.
4    Milton Keynes is a(n) ....... town that was established in 1967.
5    Edinburgh is of Scotland.
6    London is a very ....... city with people from lots of different cultures living there.
7    Dublin is a and housing is scarce.
8    Preston is a famous................ town in the north of England with indoor and outdoor markets open six days a week.
9    Fortunately, there are no........... towns in Britain.

b Make similar sentences for towns/cities in your country.

"I've been living on the streets ever since I was sixteen years old, when I ran away from my foster home. My parents died when I was very young so I went into foster care. It wasn't so bad but I wanted to make it on my own. I stayed on friends' couches at first, but eventually their parents grew tired of having me around, So, I caught a train to London, thinking that it would be easier to survive in the big city. How wrong could I be! I tried to find a job but no one would take me on without a fixed address. I slept in a cheap B & B for a few nights, but then my money ran out and I spent my first night in a sleeping bag on a park bench. I'll never forget how alone I felt that night. I lay awake, terrified and shivering with cold.

Living rough, you sort of go back and forth between temporary accommodation and the street. I spend the odd night in a hostel for homeless people, and there are loads of squats around the city centre too. These are usually in abandoned houses, empty office buildings, disused warehouses, places like that. Usually you share a cramped little room with around fifteen others. Some of these people are drug addicts or alcoholics, and usually the room's filthy and there's no running water or electricity. But at least it's a roof over your head, which can mean the difference between life or death when there are sub-zero temperatures outside. On the streets, the cold eats into your bones. I have my favourite doorways and I try to stick to busy, well-lit  streets. Sometimes traffic fumes almost choke me, the noise is deafening and there's no privacy whatsoever. But that's a small price to pay for safety...

So how do I survive? Well, the government gives people like me money, but it's barely enough to eat. I just about make ends meet by begging, selling The Big Issue  ... whatever I can really. I hate asking for money from people. Some take pity on me and toss me a few coins or buy me a sandwich or a hot drink. But most just rush past me and avoid looking me in the eye. They just want to get back to their posh houses in the suburbs, you know. Basically, you lose your identity, your dignity, everything, on the streets. It's so boring not having a job, having nothing to do during the day, until one of the soup kitchens opens in the evening. It destroys your soul.

I don't know what the future holds. Homelessness is a vicious circle that is very difficult to break out of. It's very hard to get work, because no one takes you seriously, and then you lose your confidence and your self-esteem and it becomes even harder. I'm on a council waiting list for a flat though. I want nothing more than to have a place of my own one day. A place that I can call home."

* a magazine sold by homeless people in the UK



5  Check these phrases in the Word List. Use the phrases to complete the sentences.

squat office disused fully-furnished run-down well-lit posh rough residential pedestrianised abandoned

1    Always walk on    .........streets at night to be safe.
2    You can find ............ houses in rough areas of cities with high crime.
3    He had no furniture, so he rented
4    Wealthy people usually live in a
5    The council is going to renovate this old.............building and turn it into a youth centre.
6    In the industrial part of the city there are a lot of.............warehouses because businesses have moved away.
7 a house where people live illegally.
8    In the business district there are a lot of huge.............buildings.
9    I live in a quiet...................    area in the suburbs of a big city.
10    The shops in my town are located in a..........area where cars aren't allowed.
11    There is often a lot of crime and poverty in a .............neighbourhood, in a town or city.


6  Which adjectives best describe Jasmine's feelings? Give reasons.

•    proud • lonely • abandoned • confused
•    excited • anxious • delighted

> A: I think Jasmine feels lonely because she has no family or friends to help her.

7  Work in pairs. Take the roles of the journalist and Jasmine. Conduct your interview. Record it.

8 THINK!   Do you agree with the statement below? Why?/Why not?

! Words of Wisdom

Just living is not enough. One must have i sunshine, freedom and a little flower.
Hans Christian Andersen (Danish author)

Английский язык. 11 класс : учеб. для общеобразоват. учреждений / [О.В. Афанасьева, Дж.Дули, И.В. Михеева и др.]. - 2-е изд., доп. и перераб. - М.: Express Publishing : Просвещение, 2009. - 244 с. : ил. - (Английский в фокусе).

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