5c Grammar in Use

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Grammar in Use

1  Read the text. Which of the modal verbs in bold expresses: probability? possibility? ability? necessity/obligation? lack of necessity/obligation? advice? prohibition?

Grammar in Use

Having trouble sleeping? Well, Feng Shui may be the answer! Feng Shui is the Chinese practice of arranging a space to achieve harmony and balance. You can easily Feng Shui a room and what's more, you don't need to spend a lot of money to do it! To Feng Shui your bedroom, you should paint your walls and ceiling in a soft pastel colour and keep the lighting dim. Your bed must be positioned so that neither your feet nor head are facing the door. Also, your room mustn't be cluttered. This means that you have to get rid of the stereo, the TV, and any plants. Do all this and, according to the Chinese, you should attract good luck and prosperity, in addition to a good night's sleep!

2  Complete the sentences with the correct modal verb in the appropriate form.

must/have to mustn't/can't don't have to/needn't should/ought to can/may could/might can/could will/should can/would can/shall

1    You ........stop at a red light, (necessity/strong obligation)
2    You ...... park on double yellow lines. (prohibition)
3    You when there is a good public transport system, (lack of necessity)
4    ...... I give you a lift? (offer)
5    We..........go to the cinema tonight, (suggestion)
6 help me carry the shopping? (request)
7    The new road ..........reduce the traffic in the city centre, (future certainty)
8    The in that parking space, (inability)
9    People .......... walk their dogs in the park as long as they clean up any mess, (permission)
10    They............decide to move house, (possibility)
11    People................ walk in the town centre safely now that it has been pedestrianised, (ability)
12    You ............get a job away from the citv if you don't like living there, (advice)

3  Rewrite the sentences using an appropriate modal verb.

1    It's a pity you didn't come to the tfarty.

>    You should have come to the party.

2    You have an obligation to me not to t^ll anyone.
3    I think it's a bad idea to go out on your own.
4    It's prohibited to turn right here.
5    I'm not sure if Pete will come to the party.
6    It's possible that he is going to Greece in August.
7    It was a bad idea to go out. The weather was awful.
8    It's possible that Steve wasn't invited.
9    It's a good idea to join a gym.
10 It's against the law to ride a motorbike without a crash helmet.

4  Make sentences for the following situations. Use appropriate modal verbs.

1    something you aren't allowed to do in class

>    I mustn't eat in class.

2    something you were able to do as a child
3    something you are unable to do now
4    something you think everyone should do
5    something it isn't necessary to do on a Saturday
6    something that is possible you will do tomorrow

5  Read the theory, then read the situations and write sentences using didn't need to/have to or needn't have, as in the example.

didn't need to/have to = It wasn't necessary for
something to happen & it didn't happen. There was    
no school yesterday so I didn't need to wake up early.
needn't have = It wasn't necessary for something    
to happen but it did happen. It was a lovely day    
yesterday so I needn't have taken an umbrella with me. (but I did)

1 It wasn't necessary for him to wash his car yesterday as it rained during the night.

> He needn't have washed his car yesterday.

2    It wasn't necessary for Mike to catch the bus this morning as Tom promised to give him a lift.
3    We bought more food than was necessary.
4    They had lots of tomatoes, so they didn't buy any.
5    Angie cooked last night but we took her out.

Logical deductions

6  a Read the sentences. Say them in your language.

1    John has fallen asleep. He must be really tired. (I'm sure he is.)
2    There's no answer. She might/may/could be out. (It's possible that she is.)
3    That can't be Angie. She's got long dark hair. (I'm sure she isn't.)
4    You can't have finished that task yet. You only started it an hour ago! (It's not possible he finished.)
5    Someone let the cat out. It might/may/could have been Greg. (It's possible that it is.)
6    Her light's still on. She must have been studying all night. (I'm sure she studied...)

b Rewrite the sentences using must, can't or might/may/could.

1    I'm sure Andy didn't do it.

> Andy can't have done it.

2    I strongly believe that James is telling the truth.
3    It's possible she has forgotten about the party.
4    I don't think Kevin has left yet.
5    I'm sure Mrs. Brown made these biscuits.
6    I don't believe that Adam is cheating again.

C  Make as many assumptions about the pictures as possible.


> She must have got hurt!

7  Read the theory, then rewrite the sentences s (1-5) using an appropriate expression.

be supposed to (= should) expresses the idea sb else expects sth to be done I'm supposed hand in my essay tomorrow.
be to + infinitive (= must) expresses the idea that sb else demands sth They are to be there by one o'clock this afternoon.
be supposed to/be to express what sb expects about a previously arranged event The meeting is supposed to/is to start in five minutes.

1    Jane wants me to pick up Sue from school.
2    Mark said he would call me yesterday.
3    John has told me to finish my report by tomorrow.
4    I should continue the medicine for a week.
5    My mum says I have to clean my room today.

Dependent prepositions

8   Fill in: at, of(x2), in, beyond. Check in Appendix 1. Make sentences using the phrases.

1    We're really in need........a new fridge.
2    This cooker can't be fixed. It'
3    The flat was.............really bad condition.
4    My school is within easy house.
5    Can you take a look    ...........our central heating?

Phrasal verbs (do)

9  Fill in: without, up, in. Check in Appendix 2.

1    Fixing that sink has really done me .............! (cause to become very tired)
2    We had to do.......a washing machine at first, (manage despite the absence of)
3    I'm old cottage, (renovate)
4    Do.................your shoe lace, Anna! (tie)

Sentence transformations

10  Complete the second sentence so that it 1 V means the same as the first. Use the word in bold. Use two to five words.

1    It's not necessary for you to come with me. have You.........come with me.
2    It wasn't necessary to buy a new TV. need a new TV.
3    I'm sure that I left my mobile phone at home, must mobile phone at home.
4    I'm sure Robert didn't steal the money, have Robert..........the money.
5    He has probably arrived in London by now. should London by now.

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