6b Listening & Speaking Skills

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Listening & Speaking Skills

2   Choose the correct words. Check in the Word  List. Use the other words in sentences of your  own.

1    Tom always scans the newspaper headings/ headlines before he goes to work.
2    There are lots of articles about celebrities in the British press/media.
3    They interrupted normal programming with a news bulletin/flash about the tragedy.
4    There's an eight-page article/feature about recycling in today's paper.
5    TV stations showed live covering/coverage of the match.
6    We saw his picture on the front/first page of the newspaper.

3   Fill in: running, gutter, top, unfold, shred, broadcast, updates, hit, comes, developments.

1    My favourite magazine ............. out once a month.
2    There are news ........... every hour on that radio station.
3    I bet there isn't a ............... of truth in that article about Tom Cruise!
4    The health service has ............. the headlines again for the third time this year.
5    In just a moment, we'll be bringing you a live, exclusive.......... from the White House.
6    I hate the........... press! All they print is gossip, scandal and lies!
7    The fire on the underground was the ........ story on the news.
8    We'll bring you the latest ......... as they ......... throughout the day.
9    All of the newspapers are ............... that story  about the discovery of the dinosaur bones.


Everyday English
Breaking news - reacting

4   Use the language in the table and the headlines to act out exchanges.

> A: Did you know that Steve Mars is close to a nervous breakdown?
    B: Oh, come on! That's ridiculous!

                        Breaking news
•    You're not going to believe this/1 know it's hard to believe, but I read somewhere/somebody told me that...
•    You'll never guess what I heard/read!/Guess what?! Apparently, ...
•    Did you know that...?
   Showing surprise      Expressing doubt

Really?! That's
Never?!/Ho! I
can't believe it!
What?! You've got
to be kidding!/
You can't be
That can't be right!
Are you sure? Where did you hear
Oh, come on! That's ridiculous!
Hmm... If I were you, I'd take that
with a pinch of salt.
Well, don't believe everything you

Anisfon quits after blazing row with producer.

Ronny Williams calls rival's restaurant "shameful".



5 Read the first exchange from the dialogue. What is the dialogue about? Listen and read to find out.

Int:      Hello, I'm from the local newsagents' association and we're doing
          a survey on   people's reading habits. Would you mind answering a few questions?
Ann:   Not at all.
Int:     Great. So, what kind of newspaper do you read?
Ann:   Well, I don't get one every day but I prefer broadsheet papers because
           they're well- written and informative.
Int:      You don't read tabloids then.
Ann:    No, because you have to take everything they write with a
           pinch of salt. It's not really news.
Int:      What about gossip magazines? Do you ever read them?
Ann:   Oh, occasionally. Just for fun. I think everyone enjoys a bit of scandal
          now and then.
Int:      Do you believe the stories in them?
Ann:   Not really. You can't believe everything you read, can you?
Int:     Did you know that nearly all the people who took part in our survey today
          said that they get most of their information about what's going on in the
          world    from gossip magazines?
Ann:   Really? That's unbelievable! But then truth is stranger than fiction!

6  a Complete the sentences.

1  The interviewer works at    ...........
2   The survey is about    ..............
3   According to Ann, broadsheet papers are ..........    
4   According to Ann, tabloids don't    ..............
5   Ann thinks the stories in gossip magazines are ..........
6 Most of the people who were interviewed get informed from ...........
b    In pairs, read out the dialogue. Then explain the words in bold.


7   Portfolio: You have read some gossip, but your partner disapproves. Choose one of the headlines from Ex. 4 and act out your dialogue. Use the dialogue in Ex. 5 as a model. Record yourselves.


8 RNE   You will hear five people talking about watching the news on TV. Number the statements below in the order you hear them. There is one extra statement that you do not need to use

A They don't tell you the whole truth.
B I just listen to the headlines.
C I find it depressing.
D I keep informed in other ways.
E The news doesn't interest me.
F It's important to know what's going on in the world.

Say it right

Approving & disapproving

9   Listen and repeat. Which of these replies express: approval? disapproval? Say what the other speaker could have said e.g. 1

Apparently, Tom Hanks sacked his manager.

1    Serves him right!
2    I can't believe she did that!
3    Good for you!
4    Oh Mike, you didn't!
5    Oh, that's just not on!
6    What?! That's awful!
7    Nice one!


10   Complete the idioms with talk or speak in the correct form. Check in the Word List. Are there any similar idioms in your language?

1    Why do I feel like I'm .......... to the wall!
2    .......... of the devil! Hi, Dave we were just talking about you.
3    My dad and I just don't seem to ............. the same language.
4    It's no use trying to sweet ....... me, I won't change my mind.
5    They say that money ........, but friendship lasts.
6    Don't............ back to your teachers.
7    Jack always........... in riddles and never says what he means.
8    I think that actions ................ louder than words.
9    Jane likes to ......... her mind.
10    Watch out for her, she ............. with a forked tongue.

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