6c Grammar in Use

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Grammar in Use

Reported speech - Reported statements >> Grammar Reference

1  Read the theory and the examples. Are there similar structures in your language?

We can say what another person said using:
Direct speech - we repeat the actual words someone said. "I'm leaving on Monday," John said.
Reported speech - we report the meaning of what someone said. John said that he was leaving on Monday.

In reported statements we change the verb tenses, pronouns and time expressions that were used in the direct speech.

•    "I play tennis every Sunday", Ann said. (Present Simple)
          Ann said she  played tennis every Sunday.
•    I'm feeling ill, "Pat said. (Present Continuous)
        Pat said that she was feeling ill.
•    "She has moved house," Tony said. (Present Perfect)
         Tony said that she has moved house.
•    "He left last week," Sally said that he had left the week before.

2   Report the following, as in the example.

1    The party's on Friday. (Saturday)

> I thought you said it was on Saturday.

2    I'll have a cup of tea. (coffee)
3    My dad can pick us up after school, (mum)
4    Lisa is doing her homework, (watch TV)
5    I was planning to go shopping later, (cinema)
6    Tom has bought a car. (motorbike)
7    He wants to meet you at 8. (9)
8    I will cook fish for dinner, (beef)

3   Fill in: said or told.

1    "You can come with me," John........... me.
2    He......... that he would be late.
3    "She's leaving tomorrow," James ...........        
4    "I've ........... you a thousand times."
5    "She's playing well," the coach    ...........
6    He ............ to us that it was raining.

Reported questions/commands

4   Read Deb and Ben's conversation. How do we report: a yes/no question? a wh- question? the imperative?


-  Deb asked Ben if/whether he was going to German class.
-  Ben asked her what time the lesson was.
-  She told him to meet her at 4.
-  She told him not to be late.

5  Fill in said, told or asked, then report the sentences.

1    When will you be home?", Mum > asked me. Mum asked me when I would be home.
2    "Don't talk on the phone for hours!" she ............ to Julie.
3    "What does the article say?", Paul     ......... Susan.
4    "Text me later this evening!", he..........John.
5    "Why don't we study Latin?", Salty............    the teacher.
6    "Do you believe in aliens?",

6   Rewrite the sentences below in reported speech using the verb given.

1    "How about going out for a meal on Saturday, Mary?", Paul said, (suggest)
2    "I never said anything to Janet about it!", Tom cried, (deny)
3    "Would you like me to meet you after work, Sophie?", asked her mother, (offer)
4    "I think that you should wait for the doctor, Mr Jones," said the nurse, (suggest)
5    "I didn't see anything, officer!", he told the policeman, (deny)
6    "I'll cook dinner if you like," he said, (offer)

7  Use the verbs in brackets to report the sentences. Check in the Grammar Reference.

1    "I'm the best player on the team," said Jenny, (boasted) > Jenny boasted
          that she   was the best player on the team.
2    "Mrs Smith always gives us a lot of homework," said Tim. (complained)
3    "You broke my window," the angry neighbour said to the children, (accused)
4    "Don't forget to call Paul," Tina said to Kim. (reminded)
5    "I won't do it again, honest, Mummy," the little boy said, (promised)
6    "You must finish your homework before you go out with your friends,
         " Helen's mother said to her. (insisted)
7    "Don't touch that! The paint is still wet," said the decorator, (warned)
8    Wendy said to the teacher, "Please, please give me another day
         to finish the project." (begged)
9    "I'm sorry I offended you" he said, (apologised)
10    "I was late because of an accident on the motorway," he told his boss, (explained)

8   Complete the sentences.

1    Our teacher insisted.............    
2    My dad suggested.................
3    My friend denied..................        
4    My mum offered......................    
5    Our teacher complained.....................

Reporting modals >> Grammar Reference

9  Read the theory, then rewrite the sentences in reported speech.

Will/would > would, may> might, must> must/ had to, can> could (present), would be able to (future) (would, could, used to, mustn't, shouldn't, might and ought to do not change)

1    "You must apologise for your behaviour," he said.
2    "We can meet tomorrow," he told me.
3    "Jane'll send you the information," Rita said.
4    "I may come to the meeting," she said.
5    "I can speak many languages," he said to Tony.
6    "You shouldn't have lied to him," she said.

Phrasal verbs (talk)

10   Fill in: over, out of, down, back, into, round. 1 %J Check in Appendix 2.

1    I was going to buy an expensive ring, but my mum talked me........... it. (persuade sb not to do sth)
2    Sam treats me like a child. He always talks ............    to me. (patronise)
3    Tim was refusing to speak to me, but then I managed to talk him ............. (make sb
change their mind)
4    I didn't want to go to the concert, but Andy talked me......... it. (persuade sb to do sth)
5    Children shouldn't talk ........ to their parents, (speak rudely)
6    Let's go for coffee and talk it ...........(discuss sth)

Dependent prepositions

11  Fill in: about, for, on, of, to. Check in Appendix 1.

1    He insisted    ........ coming with us.
2    He complains ........... headaches.
3    She complained to John ........... his daughter's behaviour..
4    He assured us ......... his help.
5    You'd better apologise ............. her ............ your rude behaviour.

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