7b Listening & Speaking Skills

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Listening & Speaking Skills

Education (university) & training

1  Describe the pictures. Who: works as a cashier? is at university? is training to be a mechanic?

2 Use the verbs in the correct form to complete the sentences below.

•    complete • drop out • apply for • graduate
•    enrol • hand in • win • do • study • attend

1    John's parents were very upset when he .......... of college and started working as a taxi driver.
2    The professor was annoyed because none of the students    ........  their essays on time.
3    Mary was delighted when she heard she had ...........a scholarship to study in France for a year.
4    Susan has decided to .............. a place at Birmingham University to study economics.
5    Once he had ............. his degree at Oxford University, Peter went into politics.
6    I haven't been out recently because I am ............. for my exams.
7    Although I ..................    from university with a good degree, I found it hard to get a decent job.
8    When David left school he decided to .......... an apprenticeship as an electrician.
9    One of the things I hated about university was having to get up early to ........lectures!
10 My grandmother has just ........... on a course to learn about computers!

3  Choose the correct word, then make a sentence using the other word.

1  John has just been offered a place/position at  Leeds University.
2   Call the college and ask them to send you a syllabus/prospectus.
3   You need qualifications/qualities to become a nurse.
4   My tuition fees/ prices have gone up this year.
5   My classmates/colleagues and I are all finding the course difficult.
6   What was your favorite lesson/subject at school?


7    The course didn't run this year as it had no government pricing/funding.

8    I 've got to start paying back my student grant/ loan.

Everyday English

Talking about plans and ambitions

4   Work in pairs. Use the language in the box, and the ideas below to ask and answer questions about the future.

•    study a foreign language
•    help homeless people • travel abroad
•    learn to play a musical instrument
•    join a (drama) club • apply for a job as ...
•    get a job • go to university • join a charity


•    Have you made any/What are your plans for... (next year/after the exams etc.)?

•    What are you planning/hoping/ going to do ... (next year etc.)?   

•    I'm going/planning/ hoping to/thinking of...
•    I've decided/made up my mind to ...
•    I guess/think I'll...
•    If I can, I'd (really) like to/1 think it would be great to ...
•    I've always wanted to ...

>   A: Have you made any plans for next year?
     B: Well, I think it would be great to get a job, but I haven't made up my mind yet.
         How about you?
     A: Well, ...


5   a Look at the sentences (A-G) from the dialogue. What is the dialogue about?

A Oh, well done.
B It's so much fun living in a student house and I'm really enjoying my course as well.
C Well, we're all different, aren't we?
D I'm doing a BA* in History and Political Science.
E It's difficult to keep up with all the essays you have to write though!
F I'm just home for the weekend.
G Well, feel free to come up and stay with me any time you like.

Josh:   Hey Annie, is that you? I thought you were away at university!
Annie: Oh hi, Josh! Yeah, I am. 1) ...............    
Josh:   Oh, OK! So how are you finding student life?
Annie:  - Oh Josh, I absolutely love it! 2)...............    
Josh:   That's so cool! What are you studying again?
Annie:  3).........    The lectures and seminars are really interesting.
Josh:    That's good.
Annie:  4) .............    
Josh:    I can imagine! It certainly wouldn't be my cup of tea!
Annie:  5).............So tell me, what are your plans?
Josh:    I've decided to become an electrician and I've started an apprenticeship. It's going really well.
Annie:  6)...................That's great!
Josh:   Yeah, thanks, I'm really happy. The course is practical but you learn plenty of theory, too. I miss all of you guys who have gone away to university, though.
Annie:  7)...............My flat mates won't mind. They're cool!
Josh:   Thanks, Annie! I might just do that!

*BA=Bachelor of Arts (Arts degree e.g. English Literature), BSc= Bachelor of Science (Science degree e.g. Physics, Engineering)

b Complete the dialogue with sentences A-G. Q Listen and check.


6   Portfolio: You meet your friend a few months after you have both left school. Ask each other how things are going. Use the phrases in Ex. 4 to help and the dialogue in Ex. 5 as a model. Record yourselves.


7 RNE Kayla is calling a college to ask for information about a course. Listen and fill in the gaps (1-6).

Legal Secretarial Course - My notes!
mention: saw course in 1).......section
of The Guardian, want more info!
Funding? government 2)..........and
Selection? Interview as important as
Places available? 4)...........5)
Time left to apply? About 6)...............

Say it right

Asking after friends

8   Choose the correct response. Listen and check.

1  A: How is Peter getting on at university?
    B: a He always wanted to go. b He's loving every minute!

2  A: How is your brother now?
     B: a He's getting better slowly, b He's still living with us.

3   A: Have you heard from Mary recently?
      B:  a She won't tell me.
            b I got a card from her last week.


9   Use the words in the list in the correct form to complete the idioms, then check in the Word List. Are there similar idioms in your language?

• learn • teach • beat • carry • dream

1    He never ............. around the bush - you always know exactly what he is thinking.
2    Tom will have to .................. up an excuse for not doing the essay.
3    Although it wasn't her fault, Sue .......... the can for the error.
4    My sister won't go back to college because she thinks you can't .............. an old dog new tricks.
5    I had no idea you could study wine tasting at college - well you live and ............... !

Английский язык. 11 класс : учеб. для общеобразоват. учреждений / [О.В. Афанасьева, Дж.Дули, И.В. Михеева и др.]. - 2-е изд., доп. и перераб. - М.: Express Publishing : Просвещение, 2009. - 244 с. : ил. - (Английский в фокусе).

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