8b Listening & Speaking Skills

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Listening & Speaking Skills

Airports & air travel

1  Describe the pictures. How is each person going to travel? Which means of transport do you prefer?

2  Match the words to make collocations. Where can you find all these things? Use the collocations in sentences of your own.

1        check-in               a    lounge/gate
2        baggage               b    desk
3        departure              c    board
4        departures            d    re-claim
5        duty-free               e    shop
6        conveyer               f    control
7        passport               g    belt

3   Fill in: aisle, boarding, cabin, hand, delayed, take-off, air traffic, jet, short, poor.

1  A: Hi! I heard you had a great time in America.
     В:  Absolutely, but it took me a day or two to recover from the ......... lag.

2    A: Would you like a window seat?
        B: No, I'd like an.......... seat, please.

3    A: Did you manage to get a direct flight?
         B: No, but it's only a ......... stopover, so I don't mind.

4    A: How many pieces of      luggage am I allowed?
        B: Only one small bag, sir.

5    A: How much longer wilt we have to wait?
        B: It shouldn't be much longer sir, we're just waiting for the next available........slot.

6    A: I heard there might be an ........... control strike.
        B: Oh dear! You'd better call the airport and find out.

7    A: May I see your .........  pass and passport, please?
        B: Certainly. Here you are.

8    A: All flights are cancelled because of the fog.
       B: I know. They can't take off or land in such .........     visibility.

9    A: The........ crew are really nice, aren't they?
        B: Yes, and it makes the flight so much more enjoyable.

10 A: I expected you to arrive hours ago.
      B: I'm sorry. I had a ......    flight, so I missed my connection.

Everyday English
Requesting - agreeing/refusing

4   Use the language in the table to act out exchanges using the prompts, as in the example.

•    help me with my luggage
•    tell me where the Passport Control is
•    help me pack my luggage
•    collect my ticket


•    Could/Can you please

•    Have you got any ...?

•    Would it be OK if ...?  

•    Yes, of course. It's ... .
•    Yes. That's fine.
•    I'm afraid....
•    I'm sorry, but... .
•    I'd like to, but... .

> A: Could you please help me with my luggage?
   B: Yes, of course.


5  Read the first two and the last two exchanges in the dialogue. Where are the speakers?  Listen, read and check.

A:  Good morning, can I have your ticket and your passport, please?
В:   Sure. Here you are.
A:  Thank you. Would you like an aisle or a window seat?
В:   Aisle seat, please.
A:  OK, and how many pieces of luggage are you checking in?
В:  Just one suitcase.
A:  Can you put it on the conveyor belt to be weighed, please?
В:  Sure! I hope it's not too heavy!
A:  No, it's fine! Did you pack your bag yourself, sir?
В:  Yes, I did.
A:  Now this is important. Could you have a look at this sign, please? Are you carrying any of these items in your hand luggage?
В:  Err... let's see ... no, none.
A:  OK, that's fine. Here is your boarding pass. Boarding is at gate thirty-four at two fifteen. Enjoy your flight!
В:  Thanks a lot. Bye.

6  Read the dialogue in Ex. 5. In which order is the passenger asked/told the following? Number the phrases below from 1 to 7. Then, in pairs, read out the dialogue.

•    where/when to board? • who packed his bags?
•    where he would tike to sit?
•    to hand over his travel documents?
•    to say whether he is carrying any forbidden items?
•    how much luggage he has?
•    where to put his suitcase?

Intonation (emphatic phrases)

7  a  Read the sentences below and say what they mean in your language. Now listen. Which words/syllables are emphasised? Listen again and repeat.

1    It's not our flight that's been cancelled.
2    It's John who forgot his passport.
3    It's time we went through passport control.
4    What I need now is a coffee!
5    Was it Andrew who found a really cheap flight to Moscow?
6    Ann's passport was expired. That's why she got stopped at passport control.

b What could you say in each of the situations described below? Use the emphatic phrases in Ex. 7a. Use correct intonation.

1    You're not sure if it was Mike who went to Paris last year.
2    Ann missed her flight because she didn't get up early enough.
3    You really want your friend to come on holiday with you.
4    You're really tired and want to have a nap.


8  Listen to the speakers. For questions 1-3, choose A, B or C.

1    You overhear part of a conversation between a student and a travel agent. Why does the student like the idea of the round-the-world ticket?

A because the price is very good
B because the travel agent recommends it
C because the route is changeable

2    You hear a woman talking. How does flying make her feel?

A nervous                            B excited                              C bored

3    You hear a businessman talking about an airline. What is he disappointed about?

A It's not as reliable as it used to be.
B It doesn't provide such a quality service any more.
C The flights have become too expensive.

Say it right
Seeking permission/making a request

9 Match the requests to the responses. Listen and check.

1  Could I have a window seat, please?
2  Would it be all right if I check in two bags?
3  Do you mind if I squeeze past you?

a  No, go ahead.
b  By all means, sir.
c  I'm afraid only one is allowed.

Английский язык. 11 класс : учеб. для общеобразоват. учреждений / [О.В. Афанасьева, Дж.Дули, И.В. Михеева и др.]. - 2-е изд., доп. и перераб. - М.: Express Publishing : Просвещение, 2009. - 244 с. : ил. - (Английский в фокусе).

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1236084776 kr.jpg акселеративные методы 
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Только для учителей
1236084776 kr.jpg идеальные уроки 
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Интегрированные уроки

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