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Lesson 9 Check your progress

1. Read the newspaper report and put the verbs in brackets in an appropriate tense.


This High School graduate never had the opportUnity to attend college, but he (1) (go) no on to found a multi-million dollar company.

Michael J. Coles was born into an upper-middle class Brooklyn family in 1944. However, a fire in his father's store when Coles was eight (2) (put) ... a serious financial burden on the family and a great deal of responsibility on Michael's young shoulders. He (3) (begin) ... working to help his family shortly after the fIre and quickly (4) (realize) no the value of hard work.

Since Cole did not attend college, he (5) (go) no straightto full-time work after High School. He (6) (work) ... as a salesman when he met a woman and fell in love. Coles and his wife Donna (7) (marry) no in November of 1972, and they had a son and two daughters. "I (8) (look) ... for a business that (9) (allow) no me to stay home more," says Coles, The solution that he (10) (find)... for this problem
was the first real step on his road to financial success. Coles and a business partner (11) (open) ... the first Great American Cookie Company, never knowing how popular the store (12) (become) ... .

During the next 20 years, The Great American Cookie Company (13) (grow) ... and Coles became even more successful. Coles surprisingly (14) (not consider) no hif(lself a success, "I hate the word success, Success always (15) (seemf no to imply a stopping point, and I think that success is something you have to work at every day."

                                                                                                                                                                                Points_ /16

2. Report the following statements by Michael Coles choosing the right reporting verbs.

1 "I had too much responsibility on my young shoulders."
remind / complain / insist

2 "When we got married my wife kept asking me to find a new business."
promised / admit / persuade

3 "I never knew how popular the store would becom."
persuade / insist / admit

4 "I am not a success."
deny / promise / remind

5 "I really thInk one has to work hard every day to be successful."
complain / insist / deny

6 "Now I will try to stay at home more - I said to my wife."
promise / admit / insist

Points_ /12

3  Choose the best alternative to fill in the gaps in each of the following sentences.

1 The message got no at last.

a) out                               b) across               c) away                d) in

2 The workers no against severe conditions on the plant.

a) complain                       b) oppose               c) threaten            d) protest

3 People taking their ... to extremes tend to become aggressive.

a) values                           b) thoughts              c) beliefs              d) ideas

4 She tried to appear indifferent but her eyes gave her ... .

a) up                                 b) apart                     c) out                 d) away

5  She eventually married the most ... of her admirers. 

a) resistant                        b) defensive                c) persistent        d) intense

6 The librarian carefully... how to use the catalogue system.

a) showed                          b) explained                c) asked             d) told

7 "I was really scared," Jenny....

a) adrnJlted                        b) spoke                     c) persuaded        d) denied

8 Mike ... on taking his own decision.

a) told                                b) insisted                   c) complained        d) considered

9 I'll just call Sylvia to ... her that we are meeting at 8.

a) remind                            b) say                         c) speak               d) recall

10 The children have ... to help us with the packing.

a) promised                        b) obeyed                     c) said                 d) denied

11 How many students are going to ... in this discussion?

a) protest                           b) participate                 c) work                d) insist

12 The accident was very well covered ... and never reached the newspapers.

a) on                                  b) with                          c) up                   d) by

13 My elder brother will never accept this new hair style,- I don't believe he is so... .

a) narrow-minded                 b) like-minded               c) absent-minded       d) broad - mInded

14 Joyce has practised a lot in our computer class, Now she is very ... in using computers.

a) certain                             b) confident                  c) tense                    d) determined

15 The robbers were ... as they waited the long minutes for the van to arrive.

a) tense                                b) tenseless                c) tension                 d) tenseful

                                                                                                                                                                                  Points_ /15

4 A. Read this letter from a young girl to a magazine.

. Fill in the gaps with expressions from the box.
. Each expression can be used only once.

. so I guess although I know as a result then moreover at first in fact
: besides

(1) ... everybody has goals in life. My goal is to get noticed. I want to be a star! tt was not always this way though, All through elementary school I was a nobody. The other kids picked on (colloquial ApaaHIMlI1) me and (2) ... I became shy and always wanted to stay in the background of things. I never spoke to anyone I didn't know, never joined any activities and (3)... hardly ever went out anywhere.

(4)... when I was aboutfourteen I changed my image, (5)... it was liltlethings like a short skirt or a new lipstick but soon I changed my style to something I liked and was comfortable with, (6) ... I'd been on Quite a few dates before, this was when the guys really started to take notice.

(7) ... soon after that change of image I got more confident and started to join in extra classes. (8) ..' I joined a talent school and spent half my free time there, I discovered I was good at acting, singing, dancing and other stuff (9) ... I thought that's it ... I'll become a star!

I will work as hard as I can to make my dream come true; whether I become an actress, a dancer, a singer, a model or even a writer, (10) ... it won't be easy but I know I have to do it!

                                                                                                                                                                                  Points _/10

B. Read the descriptions below.

Change the words given in brackets at the end of each sentence to form a word that fits in the space.
1 Sometimes you can be a bit ..' (tolerate), Don't be so .., about everything new in life (defence).

2 You demand a free and .., life for yourself (depend), You always feel... and live according to you own ideas, even if it means swimming against the tide (security).

3 People admire you because you gIve those who are close to you ... and space (secure). You are perceived as a very warm and ,.. person (agree).

4 You take... for your life and place less faith in your luck and more in your own deeds (responsible). Your strength of will projects your ,.. to others (confident).
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Points _ /8

This is actually a brief quiz, If you want to find out what kind of person you are - choose the picture you like most and look at the key below .


O. Л. Гроза, О. Б. Дворецкая, Н. Ю. Казырбаева, В. В. Клименко, М. Л. Мичурина, Н. В. Новикова, Т. Н. Рыжкова, Е. Ю. Шалимова, Английский язык нового тысячелентия, Учебник английского языка для 10 класса общеобразовательных учреждений. — 2-е изд. — М. Титул, 2004. — 175 с, ; ил.

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