Clothes test

1. We wear them to keep our hands warm.
2. We wear it to keep our heads warm.
3. We wrap it around our necks in winter.
4. 'Levis' and 'Wranglers' are …
5. Men usually wear one around their necks.
6. We wear them on our feet under footwear.
7. We wear it on top of our clothes to keep us warm.
8. It has buttons up the front, a collar, sleeves and is often white.
9. It goes from the waist down, is most often worn by women and can be mini, knee or ankle length.
10. Trousers or a skirt with a matching jacket is called a…

1. Gloves
2. Hat
3. Scarf
4. Jeans
5. Tie/necktie
6. Socks
7. Coat
8. Shirt
9. Skirt
10. Suit

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