Don't learn English!

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Don't learn English!


Guess the meaning of the underlined words.

1.    English helps you communicate with other people.
2.    His father is a scientist. He goes to conferences and makes presentations.
3.    Diplomats travel to different countries and speak a lot of foreign languages
4.    A very successful politician can become president.
5.    His daughter wants to be a secretary. She speaks English and German and knows how to work on computers really well.
6.    I don't like translations of books. I always read books in the original.

1 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker.

an exchange programme — программа по обмену школьниками, студентами
to broadcast 18-10-2.jpg — транслировать
to earn money [з:n] — зарабатывать деньги
knowledge 18-10-3.jpg — знание / знания
to get access 18-10-4.jpg to smth— получить доступ к чему-то
to follow smth / smb — следовать чему-то, за кем-то
about (a thousand) — около тысячи
over (a million) — свыше миллиона
peace and quiet 18-10-5.jpg — тишина и покой

Don't learn English!

2 Look at these events. Choose captions for the pictures.

a)    finding a job abroad
b)    going on holiday abroad   
c)    earning a lot of money
d)    becoming a politician
e)    travelling everywhere in the world
f)    watching films in the original
g)    going abroad on an exchange programme
h)    reading books in the original 
i) getting access to the Internet
j) making friends with people from other countries
k) communicating with people from other countries
1) working as a secretary
m) making presentations at international conferences

Don't learn English!

3    Which of these events may happen in your life? Tell your classmates about them.

Model:  I may find a friend from another country. I may never find a friend from another country.
            I think I may be able to earn a lot of money. I don 't think I'll be able to earn a lot of money.

4    Listen to the text and say if you will follow the advice that the speaker gives.
      Read the text and explain your answer.

Don't learn English! It may ruin your life!

•    You hate the Internet and computers.
•    You aren't ambitious about your future job and you don't want to earn any money.
•    You aren't interested in travelling and communicating with other people.
•    You think all books and films in other languages are boring.
If that is what you think, you shouldn't learn English, because if you learn it, five awful things can happen to you.

You'll be able to travel all over the world and communicate with people everywhere.

This is really nasty. First of all, you don't want to travel abroad — you are quite happy at home. Secondly, why should you talk to a waiter in a hotel in Egypt or listen to an English-speaking guide on an excursion to the Tower of London? Thirdly, who wants to talk to the sales assistant in a French shop or ask somebody for directions in Poland? And finally, you don't want to meet those cool guys who came to your town on an exchange programme. All these people can just learn Russian, can't they?

You'll always get the news first. This may make you really nervous. Th saying "No news is good news" is right. If you learn to speak English, you' have to watch the international television networks: CNN and the BBC tha broadcast news faster and more professionally than smaller national network You can get them everywhere in the world, so you'll never get any peace an quiet.

You'll get access to information on any subject. Nobody needs that muc knowledge. We live in the information age anyway, and you already get moi information than you want. If you make a bad mistake and learn just or language, English for example, you'll be able to surf the net day and nigh because most of the websites on the Internet are in English. You will also t able to read any book on any subject. Most books in the world have English translations. But reading all night and surfing the net are really bad for yoi health, don't you agree?

You'll learn all about your favourite music group. Imagine that one da you'll be able to understand the words of all your favourite English sonЈ What if they are not as good as you thought?

Or think: you'll be able to watch British and American films in the origin language. Who knows, you may never want to listen to bad translations agai Don't start!

And worst of all: You'll find a fantastic job and earn a lot of money. Horribl isn't it?
Stay away (держитесь подальше) from English and you'll be safe becau top-class diplomats, politicians, scientists and artists everywhere in the woi use English to communicate with each other. You don't want to be one them, do you!
Almost all business in Russia today is international. Even a secretary h to write letters in English and speak English on the phone. And if you a really unlucky and get an important job, you may have to go to internatior conferences, read international business newspapers and make reports English.
So follow our advice: Don't learn English!

For your information                 

The United Nations, or UN (Организация Объединенных Наций, ООН), is an international organization. Most countries of the world are UN members. It is open to all "peace-loving" states. The UN tries to support peace all over the world and to stop war, hunger and poverty.

Don't learn English!

5    Match the statistics with the information from the text.

Model:  CNN broadcasts to more than 210 countries. — You can get it  everywhere in the world, so you will never get any peace and quiet.

1.    In 2000, nineteen out of twenty of the most popular movies in the world were American.
2.    A billion (1,000,000,000) websites in the Internet are in English.
3.    A billion and a half (1,500,000,000) people in the world understand English. One billion (1,000,000,000) are learning it.
4.    English is the main language of the United Nations and the language most spoken around the world.

6    Как правило, при указании больших чисел их'называют не точно, а примерно. Rewrite the statistics from Ex. 5. Use about (около), over '[свыше), more than (более чем), less than (менее чем).

7    What will you be able to do if you learn English?
      What won't you be able to do if you don't learn English?

Model:  If I learn English, I'll be able to talk to a waiter in a hotel in Egypt.

            If I don't learn English, I won't be able to talk to a waiter in Egypt.

8    Do you agree that

•    people who want to talk to you will be able to learn Russian?
•    if you are very professional, you'll always get a good job. English won't be important?
•    it is more interesting to listen to songs that you don't understand?
•    computers are very bad for your health?
•    no news is good news and too much information is bad for you?


Обратите внимание! Существительные advice (совет, советы), knowledge (знание, знания), information (информация), money (деньги) в английском языке являются неисчисляемыми и употребляются с глаголами в форме единственного числа. Например:
—    Thank you for all your advice. It always helps me.
—    Спасибо за все Ваши советы. Они всегда мне помогают.
—    Where is the money? — Где деньги?
—    I put it on the table. — Я положил их на стол.

9 Open the brackets. Use the right pronouns and the right forms of the verbs.

Model:  I've given you some money. Where (is /are) (it/ they)? - Where is it?

1.    What's the news? - (It / They) (is / are) bad.
2.    My friend has earned a lot of money. He gave (it / them) to his mother.
3.    This summer I learned a lot about people. This knowledge (help / helps) me make friends.
4.    My grandfather has a good library. I really want to get access to all (this these) information.
5.    Don't follow his advice. (It / They) (is / are) never good.

10 Match the verbs and word combinations with all the suitable (подходящий) nouns.

Don't learn English!

Verb activator

The verb to look

to look — смотреть, выглядеть
to look at smth / smb — смотреть на кого-либо / что-либо

to look after smb — присматривать за кем-либо, заботиться о ком-то

to look forward to doing something — с нетерпением ожидать чего-то

to look like smb / smth — выглядеть как кто-либо / быть похожим на кого-либо
to look for smth / smb — искать что-либо / кого-либо
to look something up in a dictionary — посмотреть что-то в словаре

11 Do you remember limericks, the short nonsense poems? Here is one for you. Read the limerick and answer the questions below.

There was once a young boy in Spain,
Who looked after a cat called Jane.
But when he looked for his cat,
Jane looked like she was dead.
Why she did that she couldn't explain.


1.    Whose name was Jane?
2.    Who looked after who?
3.    What happened in the end?


A When you do something, you do it for о reason. That's your motivation. Look at different reasons why people learn English. Rewrite the sentences according to the model.

Model:  I learn English because I want be able to find a good job. — I learn English to be able to find a good job.      


В Which of these reasons can be a motivation for you? Why? Why not? Write a composition about it. (5-10 sentences.) Start with your motivation. You can use information and ideas from the text.

С Match two parts of the dialogues.

1.    — I don't know this word.
2.    — I can't find my keys.
3.    — My friend Tom is going to come soon.
4.    — Where are you?
5.    — How will I find her? I've never seen her before!
6.    — But my sister can't fly to Moscow alone. She's only ten!

a)    — Look for the red car. I'll be there.
b)    — You should look it up in the dictionary.
c)    — A flight attendant will look after her. Don't worry.
d)    — Look for them in your bag.
e)    — It's easy. She looks like her mother.
f)    — Is he? I look forward to seeing him!

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 8 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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