Express yourself. A session of the School "Council"

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Lesson 10  Express yourself

Your school has been offered a donation of 100,000 roubles. You are about to take part in a meeting at which a decision will be taken on how this sum  will be spent.

1 Preparation

Bear in mind that your aim is to persuade the donors to invest as much as possible in your favoured project. Think of arguments that will be convincing for each group of participants.

Prepare 3-minute speeches in defence of your  idea. (See Unit 4, Lessons 3-4.)

Be ready to answer the donors' questions: think  what questions can be potentially asked.

The people taking part in the meeting are:

   Chairperson    You introduce the problem, give the floor to the speakers and manage the whole discussion.
   Secretary    You keep notes of the discussion, control the timing, and report on the decisions.
   Speaker 1    You are in favour of spending the money on buying personal computers for each student.
   Speaker 2    You insist on buying equipment for a small school production of local crafts, which promises to be quite profitable and keep local traditions alive.
   Speaker 3    You are strongly in favour of the idea of supporting the children from poor families with the money.
   Headmaster    You are convinced that the biggest part of the money should be spent on school equipment and redecoration.
   Librarian     You are against materialism among young people and think that the money should be spent on spiritual values (books, extra musical classes, films etc.).
   Parent     You are sure that the money should be given to some really bright students as a sсholarship.
   Donors (3)     You decide how the money will be spent after the discussion.

2 Aсtivity

Аs a resUt of the discussion sponsors decide how the money will be distributed and give reasons for eer choice.

3 Follow-up

. In small groups discuss why this decision was adopted.


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