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Lesson 10 Express yourself

You are working at a popular radio station. You have been commissioned to prepare a radio programme about festivals in your country or region. This programme will be broadcast abroad. People there hardly know anything about your traditions. Your aim is to attract tourists.
1 Preparation

In your programme:

1 Describe the festival (give some general information, history, what exactly happens in the festival nowadays).
2 Describe what special food is cooked and how it is eaten.
3 Comment on the importance of keeping traditions in your region and people's attitudes to keeping traditions.

Choose one of the roles

host of the programme - introduces the speakers guests - may add interest to the programme: e.g.

history expert

person whose family has celebrated this tradition for a long time and has nice stories to tell

a person who attended the last celebration and saw everything him / herself

a person who knows how to cook a famous meal

a social researcher who has some statistics about young people's attitudes to keeping traditions, etc.

2 Activity

Work in groups of 4 or 5.
1 Collect all the notes you have brought and discuss them.

2 Agree on the theme you will focus on (you may choose any of the three items above) and materials you want to include into your programme.

3 Think of the bits which might get listeners interested.

4 Practise to be very precise with time: rehearse it.

5 Follow these useful tips.


Avoid speaking for too long. It might seem boring.

Keep to the time you are given.

Accompany your programme with some music and / or sound effects.

Try to sound emotional and artistic.

Record the music for the programme in advance or perform a piece of music (e.g. a song).

3 Presentation

You are on the air now. You have only 3 minutes to present your programme.
Your teacher will be recording you.

 4 Evaluation

Think about your own work in your group.
Look at the chart below and answer the questions giving yourself points from 1 to 5.


     Question to ask oneself 
       Score (1-5)
  1    Participation     Did I participate equally with all the rest in the presentation of the programme?
  2    Content
     Did I bring in any original materials or ideas?
  3     Fluency      Did I speak fluently?
  4     Accuracy      Did I speak accurately? (without grammar mistakes)
                                                                                                                                          Total score


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