Furniture and decor

•bed - long frame with a mattress on top for sleeping; has blankets and pillows for comfort
•bookshelf, bookcase - tall wooden piece used for holding books
•chair - various types of furniture used for sitting on
•change table - surface found in the nursery, used for changing a baby's diaper
•couch/sofa - long comfortable piece for sitting on; found in common rooms
•counter - surface in the kitchen; used for preparing food and holding small appliances
•cupboards - storage area with doors; used for holding food, dishes, cleaning supplies, etc.
•desk - piece used for doing work and holding papers, books, writing tools; usually found in an office
•dresser, bureau - piece of furniture for holding folded clothing
•entertainment centre - piece of furniture for holding television, stereo, and other electronic devices
•fireplace - square opening on a wall to hold a fire and warm up the home; may be electric, gas, or wood
•mirrors - special glass placed on a wall or counter, used for viewing one's self
•pictures, paintings - decorations hung on walls or placed on surfaces; often framed
•shelves - long surfaces for organizing and storing household items
•tub, bathtub - found in bathrooms, a large area where you lie down and wash your body
•window sills, ledges - long shelf-like surface beneath a window


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