I сomе from thе future

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I сomе from thе future

1 Read the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker. Try to guess: What happened to Rob MacWizard in 1599?

I сomе from thе future
Guess the meaning of the underlined word.

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2 Match the faces with the emotions. How is Rob feeling? Check your answers in the dictionary.

1.    Rob was surprised.
2.    Rob was scared.
3.    Rob was shocked.
4.    Rob was excited.   
5.    Rob was unhappy.   
6.    Rob was angry.

I сomе from thе future
3 Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

Model:How did you feel when your teacher gave you a very bad mark? — I was surprised.

How did you feel when

a)    you got a very good mark for your test?
b)    your parents gave you something nice for your birthday?
c)    your younger brother / sister took your things from your table?
d)    you watched a scary film alone?
e)    your best friend found a new hobby?
f)    your mother gave you something that you don't like for breakfast?
g)    your father told you to help him?
h)    your parents promised to take you to a very interesting place?
i)    your dog ran away?

4    Listen to the dialogue and choose the correct answer.

Rob MacWizard is

a)    back in his time.
b)    in the Queen's castle.
c)    in the Tower of London.

5    Read the dialogue and answer the questions.

1.    Is Rob in prison?
2.    Who is with him?
3.    Why is Rob in the Tower of London?
4.    Why did Rob have to run away?
5.    Why did Rob say to the old man, "You are a horrible old liar"?
6.    Why did the old man say, "I forgive you"?
7.    What is going to happen to Rob?

I сomе from thе future

Rob and the old man

Rob: Hello! Is anybody here?
The old man: Hello, young man. How did you get into this awful place?
Rob:I am a wizard! I predicted the future for the Queen and she wanted to send me to the Tower. I had to run away. Her soldiers caught me last week, because I was very tired and couldn't walk any more.
The old man:  You're not a wizard, you're a scared little boy! I feel sorry for you. Everything is ready for your execution.
Rob:You're just a horrible old liar! They can't kill me. It's all a bad dream!
The old man: You're not very polite, but I forgive you. I can see something strange in you. How did you make the predictions for the Queen? Tell me your story and I'll help you.
Rob: Please, please help me! You're really a nice old man and I don't want to die. Life is so good and I am so young!

6  Listen to Rob's story and answer the question: Did Rob understand where he was?

7  Read Rob's story and mark these sentences true or false.

1.    Rob always had a lot of friends.
2.    Rob and Misha were pen friends.
3.    Rob didn't want to go to Russia but he had to.
4.    Nobody met Rob at the airport.
5.    Rob was very angry with Misha.
6.    When Rob left the airport, he got to a dirty street.
7.    People in the street were nice and friendly.
8.    Rob found a friend who helped him.
9.    Rob and his new friend stayed in an inn.
10. His new friend beat Rob.

I сomе from thе future

Rob's story

Part I

I come from the future

I come from the future. I lived in London in the twenty-first century. I had a big family, but I didn't have any friends. I thought that I didn't need them. One day our school teacher brought us letters from children in Russia, and we answered them. My pen friend was Misha Inin. One day he invited me to Russia. I was really excited. I didn't know much about Russia and it was really interesting for me to visit it.
Strange things started to happen from the beginning. When I came to Russia, nobody met me at the airport. I waited and waited, but nobody came. I got angry with my friend and decided to buy a ticket and fly back home. But before that I wanted to leave the airport and look at a Russian city.
The next moment I was in a narrow and dirty street. The air was bad and the smell was horrible. There weren't any cars, but I saw a lot of horses.
The people scared me. They had gloomy faces and their clothes were dirty.

I got lost and had to stop. Then a window opened, and a pile of rubbish fell on my head. The place was very strange. I was shocked and wanted to call the police.

I сomе from thе future

Finally, I found a man who looked like a soldier. I spoke Russian to him. But he answered in English! I asked the soldier about the police, but he didn't understand me.
It was dark and cold and I didn't know what to do. "Give me some food!" I said to the soldier. "I have no food for beggars, but I need a servant," he replied. "I am one of Queen Elizabeth's knights. I have a secret mission in this dirty city of Edinburgh and I need a clever boy like you."
"Elizabeth! Edinburgh!" I thought to myself "These Russian jokes are very strange." But I decided not to show my feelings and said to the soldier, "I'll be happy to become your servant." "Good," he answered. "I am staying in this inn. Clean my horse, wash my clothes and cook dinner. Here is some money."
I didn't do anything, but I used the money. I bought some bread and some soup. The food wasn't very tasty, but I was hungry and had to eat it.
When the soldier came home, he was very angry. He beat me! After that, I had to cook dinner for him and he went to bed. The situation wasn't funny, I wanted to phone Mum and Dad, but I couldn't find any telephones.
Then I decided to go to bed too, but there wasn't a bed for me. I had to sleep on the floor. I didn't understand anything and I felt very unhappy.

I сomе from thе future

8 Find the information in the text and answer the questions: How did Rob feel when...

a)    Misha invited him to Russia?                d) a pile of rubbish fell on his head?
b)    nobody met him at the airport?             e) he had to sleep on the floor?
c)    he saw "Russian" people?

9 Match two parts of the sentences. Use because.

1.    Rob had to eat some awful soup...
2.    Rob found a pen friend in Russia...
3.    Rob had to stop...
4.    Rob wanted to fly back to England...
5.    Rob wanted to fly to Russia...
6.    Rob had to become a servant...
7.    Rob had to sleep on the floor...
8.    Rob had to cook dinner...

a)    ...he didn't know what to do.
b)    ...he was lost.
c)    ...there wasn't a bed for him.
d)    ...the soldier was very angry with him.
e)    ...he was hungry.
f)    ... he didn't know anything about it and it was really interesting for him to visit it.
g)    ...his teacher brought some letters from Russia.
h)    ...his pen friend was late.


A Put the sentences in Ex. 9 in the right order. Complete the sentences and sum up the story.

The story started when Rob had to answer a letter from Russia.
In the city...
After that,...
In the evening...

В Write some predictions. What will happen to Rob in the second part of the story? Write full sentences. Use the questions and your own ideas.

1.    Will Rob stay with the soldier?
2.    Will Rob stay in Edinburgh?
3.    Will Rob and the soldier become friends?
4.    How can Rob surprise the soldier?
5.    Will Rob tell the soldier the truth about himself?

С Listen to the second part of the story and check your predictions. Mark them true or false.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 6 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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