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In thе сountry DoDidDonе

Тhe Post Simple  Tense / Пpoстoe  прошедшee  вpeмя 

Глaгoлы в Past Simplе yпoтpeбляются  для выражения:

•    единичных действий, которые происходили в прошлом:

We saw an interesting film last week. — Мы смотрели интересный фильм на прошлой неделе.

•   действий, которые происходили в прошлом обычно, часто, всегда:

Не came home late. — Он обычно приходил домой поздно.

•   последовательных действий, которые происходили в прошлом:

I bought two tickets, met my friend and we went to the theatre. — Я купил два билета, встретился с другом, и мы пошли в театр.

Past Simple употребляется со следующими словами и словосочетаниями:

yesterday — вчера
last week — на прошлой неделе
last month — в прошлом месяце
last year — в прошлом году
. ..days / months /years ago — .. .дней / месяцев / лет назад

Спряжение глагола to be в Past Simple

Iwas in Moscow yesterday. — Я вчера был в Москве.
You were in Moscow yesterday. — Вы вчера были в Москве.
Не / She was in Moscow yesterday. — Он / Она вчера был / была в Москве.
It (the dress) was on the sofa yesterday. — Оно (платье) лежало вчера на софе.
We were in Moscow yesterday. — Мы вчера были в Москве.
Youwere in Moscow yesterday. — Вы вчера были в Москве.
They were in Moscow yesterday. — Они вчера были в Москве.

B yтвеpдительных  пpедложeниях  пopядoк  слoв следyющий:

Подлежащее + was / were + второстепенные члены предложения.

We were at home yesterday. — Мы были дома вчера.
Не was at school yesterday. — Он был в школе вчера.

В отрицательных предложениях порядок слов следующий:

Подлежащее + was not / were not + второстепенные члены предложения.

They were not in the park yesterday. - Их не было в парке вчера.
Не was not in the park yesterday. — Его не было в парке вчера.
Сокращенная форма от was not — wasn't, от were not — weren't

В общем вопросе порядок слов следующий:

Was / Were + подлежащее + второстепенные члены предложения + ?

Were they at home yesterday? — Они были дома вчера?
Yes, they were. — Да.
Was he in the park yesterday? — Он был в парке вчера?
No, he wasn 't. — Нет.

В специальном вопросе порядок слов следующий:

Вопросительное слово + was / were + подлежащее + второстепенные члены предложения + ?

Where were they yesterday? — Где они были вчера?
They were at home. — Они были дома.
Where was he yesterday? — Где он был вчера?
Не was at school. — Он был в школе.

В вопросе к подлежащему порядок слов следующий:

Who + was + второстепенные члены предложения + ?

Who was at home yesterday? — Кто был дома вчера?
They were. — Они.
Who was at school yesterday? — Кто был в школе вчера?
Не was. — Он.

Разделительный вопрос

They were at home yesterday, weren't they? - Они были дома вчера, не так ли? — Yes, they were. — Да.
Simon was in the park yesterday, wasn't he? - Саймон был в парке вчера, не так ли? - No, he wasn't. - Нет, его там не было.

1 Fill in the table.

Present Simple Past Simple
always, every day 

2 Translate the sentences into Russian.

1.    Thank you! The pizza was really tasty.
2.    They were in London with their teacher two years ago.
3.    Last week I was in the old museum alone. It was creepy.
4.    He wasn't tired yesterday.
5.    Where was your bag?
6.    Who was your English teacher last year? I can't remember.

3 Fill in the gaps. Use was or were.

1.    I ... in the park yesterday.
2.    It ... cold last month.
3.    We ... busy yesterday.
4.    You ... late for school yesterday.
5.    They ... happy yesterday.
6.    Where ... you last summer?
7.    He ... your friend, ... he?
8.    ... you tired yesterday? Yes, I was.
4 Complete the sentences. Use: always, last year, usually, every Saturday, some years ago, often, every winter, yesterday, never, last Sunday, last summer, four weeks ago.

1.    He is ... hungry.
2.    You were busy ....
3.    They are at home ....
4.    He was in London ....
5.    The Stone of Destiny was in Westminster Abbey ....
6.    Misha and Robin were in Russia ....
7.    They were our friends ....
8.    She was interested in horse riding ....
9.    He is ... late.
10.    It is ... cold.
11.    He ... has orange juice for breakfast. He doesn't like it.
12.    We ... play together.
13.    His birthday was ....
5    Answer the questions.

1.    Were you ill last week?
2.    Where were you an hour ago?
3.    Your breakfast was tasty, wasn't it?
4.    It wasn't 24th January yesterday, was it?
5.    Was it hot or cold yesterday?
6.    Who was late for school yesterday?
7.    Were you happy yesterday? Why? / Why not?

6    Play a game. Участвует весь класс. Каждый участник получает карточку с изображением того места, где он был вчера (Cut Out).
Цель игры: найти в классе еще одного человека, который был там же. В течение игры все участники перемещаются по классу и задают друг другу вопросы.

Model:Hi, were you in the shop yesterday? - No, I wasn't. / Yes, I was.

2-10-38.jpg Можно также помогать друг другу и задавать другие вопросы.
Model: A: Hi, where were you yesterday?
           В: I was in the shop.
           A: Oh, Andrey was in the shop too.
2-10-38.jpg  После того как участники нашли друг друга, они рассказывают о том, где были вчера.
Model:A: I was in the shop.
           В: Me too.


A Fill in the gaps. Use was, were, wasn't, weren't.

1.    His granny ... a teacher.
2.    We ... in Moscow last week. It ... interesting.
3.    My friends ... at school yesterday, but I ... at home, because I ... well.
4.    We ... very happy with our hotel room. It ... very small and the windows ... dirty.
5.    ... Tom and Liz at your birthday party? Tom ..., but Liz ... . She ... busy yesterday.
6.    Where ... your brother last Friday? He ... at home with his friends.

В Rewrite these sentences in the Past Simple. Use was, were and yesterday.

1.    I'm hungry now.                             6. Are your friends in the museum now -
2.    Where is he today?                       7. who is at home now?
3.    We're cold now.                             8. Where are they at the moment?
4.    He isn't late for school today.          9. Is Cute in the office now?
5.    My breakfast is very tasty.             10. I'm not busy at the moment.

С Translate the sentences into English.

1.    Мы заняты сегодня.   
2.    Они сейчас в Англии.   
3.    Сегодня его нет в школе.
4.    Мне сейчас 12 лет.

5.    Он был занят на прошлой неделе.
6.    Они были в России в прошлом году.
7.    Его не было в школе вчера.
8.    Мне было 11 лет в прошлом году.

D Распределите обозначения времени между Present Simple и Past Simple. Некоторые обозначения можно употреблять и в Present Simple, и в Past Simple.

last week, usually, every Saturday, two years ago, often, every year, yesterday, last Sunday, every winter, last summer, a week ago, always

Present Simple Past Simple

E Put questions for the answers. Use the words in brackets.

Model:(interesting / the book) No, it was boring.
           Was the book interesting? — No, it was boring.

1.    (Alice and Robin / where) — They were in the shop.
2.    (who / in Moscow / with you) — Our teacher was with us.
3.    (the last bus / when) — It was at eight o'clock.
4.    (the weather / good) — No, it was very cold.
5.    (you / when / in Smolensk) — I was there in May.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 6 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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