Irregular verbs test1


1. Last October we_____(to swim) in the lagoon, out where the old freighter had______(to sink). We_____(to ride) our bikes to the park and Bobby______(to lead) us to Bristle Cove where we______(to dive) off the rocks into the cold water. It_______(to be) late in the season, but the water had not_______(to freeze), and we_______(to wear) wetsuits.

2. He_______(to fly) to Vancouver in September. He_______(to choose) to fly United Airlines, which had_______(to run) ads all that summer. His granchildren had_______(to grow) up there and he hadn't_______(to see) them in years. He hadn't_______(to write) to them or________(to speak) on the phone with them either. At the Vancouver airport, he________(to drag) his suitcase to a rental car and_______(to drive) to their home to surprise them. He_______(to take) his time walking up the driveway, and then he_______(to ring) the doorbell.

3. Juan_______(to lie) on the couch and his sister_______(to sit) on the floor nearby. Gordo, their hairy dog,_______(to shake) himself violently and Juan________(to rise) from the couch. "I_______(to throw) the frisbee to this mutt all morning," he_______(to say). "And we_______(to run) around the park twice, and he still wants to play."

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