Is it worth a sacrifice

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Lessons 3-4 Is it worth a sacrifice?


1 Read the following opinions and answer the questions:

1 How are they different?
2 Do you agree with these opinions?

Professional athletes are spoilt and overpaid.
They contribute nothing to society.

Professional athletes represent their country and
provide a role model for a healthy lifestyle.


2 A. Match the expressions in bold in the first column with the phrases nearest in meaning in the second column.

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B. Word formation. Copy and complete the following table in your vocabulary notebooks.

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C. Read the article headlines taken from sport newspapers.

. What do you think the articles could be about?

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3 A. Read about three famous gymnasts. What would you like to ask them if you had a chance to talk to them?


B. Translate the questions Nadia, Olga and Mary Lou were asked in the interview to the magazine "People".

1 You are no longer In training, Do you have any secret Indulgences that you couldn't afford earlier?
2 What advice would you give youngsters hoping to follow in your footsteps?
3 How do you relax?
4 WIlo were yourll'Jols wnen you were growing up?
5 What was the worst moment of your career?

C. Listen to the interview with the questions missing. Match the questions in ex. 3B above with the answer you hear.

. Below in the chart write the proper number of the question from ex.  3B

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D. Fill in the blanks with the necessary words from the box below.

. Pay attention to the form:

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Mary Lou Retton: Nadia was definitely my (1) ... .
Olga Korbul: At first when I stopped (2) ... I thought I would eat all the world.
Nadia Comaneci: 1(3) ... in sausage pizzas and Snickers bars.
Mary Lou Retton: To make my own decisions was one of the hardest things. We had been (4)... all our lives.
Mary Lou Retton: I indulge in rollerblading and skiing, We were never allowed to do these things because of the possibility of (5) ... .
Nadia Comaneci: I believe (6) ... in everything is the key. I can't think of anything I'm dying to do or eat.

E. Listen to the interview again and correct the statements below.

1 Mary Lou Retton was inspired by watching Olga because Olga was a champion.
2 Doctors managed to force Retton not to participate in the Olympics after the knee surgery.
3 Olga doesn't feel really happy that she had been doing gymnastics all her life.
4 Retton indulges in spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies.
5 Mary Lou liked it that she had been coached all her life.
6 Comaneci says if children don't achieve high results they won't get anything from sports.
7 Olga Korbut likes to relax by watching ping-pong matches and eating Russian food.


F. Which of the factors from the chart below are proved by the facts the gymnasts give about professional sport?

                                                               PROFESSIONAL SPORT

     Positive factors   

1 professional sport educates a strong will. 

discipline, ability to overcome difficulties 

2 it gives a chance to acquire a lot of friends

3 helps to increase self-esteem and self confidence

4 professional sport is a possibility to become   famous

5 sport IS always fun and excitement (like doing other   sports, for example)

6 it gives a chance to see the whole world 

7 helps athletes earn a lot of money

8 professional sport develops the feeling of  patriotism


       Negative factors

  1 professional sport often makes athletes selfish

    and too ambitious

   2 athletes are forced to keep a diet

   3 athletes have no possibility to make a decision of their own

   4 professional sport is associated with hard work

   5 athletes are forced to sacrifice a lot of things   

    6 professional sport is associated with injuries and tiredness

    7 often athletes don't have a profession and are  forced to retire young 

     8 professional sport is often unfair



4 Role play: "Should pmfessional sport be prohibited?"



5 Write a paragraph: "Pmfessional sport has / doesn't have the right to exist".

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