Kyiv: places of interest

There are many picturesque sights just waiting for you to enjoy in Kyiv. Especially rich is the capital city of Kyiv. Many sights are located near subway stations, making them easily accessible. Here are some of the sights that you won't want to miss while visiting Kyiv.
St Michael's Monastery in Kyiv.
This beautiful complex, with its gleaming golden domes, is situated high atop Andrew's Slope. To get there, take the subway to the Poshtova Plosha station. Come out of the station and take the fun, cable-pulled funicular up the steep slope. (It only costs about a dime.) As you go up, admire the beautiful view of Kiev and the Dnieper River. St Michael's Monastery is located right at the top of the funicular. (For those traveling with kids to Kiev, note that there is a nice playground at the top of the funicular, complete with slides, swings, and seesaws for the young travelers.)
St. Andrew's Church in Kyiv.
A short walk along the edge of the hill from St Michael's, you will find one of the most ornate historic churches in Kiev -- St Andrews. Built in 1755, its gold brocaded domes make a beautiful backdrop for photographs.
Pechersky Lavra Monastery Complex in Kyiv.
Another sight not be missed. Take the metro to the Arsenal station. Take a to the Pechersky Lavra stop. Here you'll find a large complex surrounded by high castle-like walls. You'll see many tall golden domes peaking above the walls. (You may also hear loud peals coming from the bell tower, depending on the time.) Enter the free grounds and take pictures to your hearts' delight. Some of the buildings originally date back to the 11th century. Here you also have a picturesque view of the Dnieper River. The monastery is famous for its caves (Lavra in Ukrainian) You can still visit the caves where monks where buried in old times.
Mother Motherland Statue in Kyiv
A short walk away from the Pechersky Lavra Monastery is one of the famous Mother Motherland statues built in Soviet times. It is the centerpiece of Victory Park, commemorating victory in World War II. The over 200-foot tall statue shows "Mother Motherland" (or "Mother homeland") defending the nation. Near the statue's base are vintage pieces of war equipment -- tanks, troop carriers, a river launch, airplanes (one of which you can go in), helicopters and even a standing missile. To get there, take a from the Arsenal metro station to the Pechersky Lavra Monastery. Search the horizon for the statue and start walking toward it.