Perfect Lessons — 10 Cascades of the Whole School Knowledge

1. Mathematics and Computers


Cases, quests, training, and subjects                     10  11
Information and Internet                                                                             

Systems Thinking

Computers and Programming

# #
Mathematics Total *

Contemporary Mathematics **

Construction of tables and graphs, statistics and forecasting

Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics

Limits, fractals, and topology

2. Languages ​​and Literature


Cases, quests, training, and subjects                                                                         10   11 
Mother tongue                                                                                            



English, French, etc.

National Literature (new list of books)

World Literature (new list of books)

# #

3. Human Values

Blok3 1.jpeg

Cases, quests, training, and subjects                                                                        10   11 
Morality and ethics

History (not just the dates of wars, but also progressive inventions)


Society and the media (newspapers, magazines, TV)

Rights and Obligations, building communications

Life in the city and province

Politics, religion and mythology

4. Economics and Richeconomics


Cases, quests, training, and subjects                                                                        10   11 
Money and family budget planning

# #
Shops, shopping and price

# #
The lessons of wealth: accumulation and consumption

# #
Management and Leadership

# #
Advertising and market

# #
Successful Business and Entrepreneurship

# #

5. Personal growth


Cases, quests, training, and subjects                                                                       10   11 
The lessons of happiness

The lessons of social responsibility

The lessons of occupations and careers

Lessons from the charisma and style of life

Lessons from the health, safety of life and medicine

Lessons from the time-sense, intuition, space, danger *

Lessons from the time-sense, intuition, space, danger, shame, conscience, taste, common sense, imagination, team leadership, humor

6. Science, nature and man


Cases, quests, training, and subjects                                                                      10   11 
Physics, chemistry, cosmology


Natural phenomena *

Biology **

# # #
Unknown and the new science (the noosphere, nanotechnology)

Psychology (ability, memory, intuition)

Applied Science, Engineering and invention

Natural phenomena, geography and environment (climate, ecology, energy)
Biology (human biology, botany, zoology, biology, integration, cloning, genetic engineering)

7. Art


Cases, quests, training, and subjects                                                                        10   11 





Design, etc.

8. Sport


Cases, quests, training, and subjects                                                                          10   11 





Other sports


9. Practical skills


Cases, quests, training, and subjects                                                                           10    11
The ability to understand people

Makeup and Personal Care

self study

Cooking, video, photography and other household skills

Ability to work with texts, oratory and presentation

Office skills (phone, office equipment, etc.)

10. Relax


Cases, quests, training, and subjects                                                                           10   11 
Music (pleasing)

Computer Games

Food (tasty and healthy)

Travel, recreation and fun


Fashion, self-development and hobby

Getting rid of bad habits

Identical priority is given to all ten blocks, in fact indeed, they are important in an equal mayor. Some will say that it will be necessary to rewrite all books. On it we will answer: it is high time. By the former books can’t learning. And the authors of new books appear already, and we are ready them even to publish, paying them solid fees. 

A structure and curriculum of lessons can look like: daily three any chosen school of block for two objects from every block. Only six in a day, thirty in a week. Remaining thirty will in next week. A two-week cycle turns out. The complete scope of necessary and useful knowledge’s, and also system of their teaching and mastering, is as a result provided. Students receives an integral picture of the world and main is the system thought. And in the future is wonderful and well-to-do life.

Requirements for the perfect lesson

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