Rooms in a House

•attic - storage room at the very top of the house
•basement - the lowest level of the house
•bathroom, washroom - the room for bathing and using the toilet
•bedroom - the room where people sleep
•dining room - room with a table and chairs for eating; in some houses this room is only used on special occasions
•hallway - long narrow area that joins one room to another
•kitchen - place for preparing food; sometimes has a table and chairs for eating informal meals
•living room; family room - place where family spends leisure time; often has a TV, also used for entertaining
•lobby - area in the front entrance for hanging coats and placing shoes
•master bedroom - the largest bedroom in the house; used by parents
•nursery - room for baby or young child
•pantry - room off the kitchen for keeping dry foods and storage items
•patio - outdoor area in front or backyard; usually sits slightly off the ground; often made of wood
•playroom - room filled with toys; books and games; indoor area for kids to play
•sunroom - enclosed room with large windows; often used for relaxation, visiting, or reading

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