Tasks and exercises "Australia"

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Tasks and exercises "Australia":

Answer these questions:

1. What part of globe Australia is occupied?
2. Who and when discovered Eastern coast of Australia?
3. What are oceans surrounded Australia?
4. What is square of Australia?
5. What is the biggest city of Australia?
6. What is the population size of Australia?
7. What is the official language of Australia? National?
8. Colony of what country Australia was?
9. What animal is imaged at the Coat of arms of Australia?
10. What sector of the national economy is the most typical for Australia?

Political Map of Australia

Answer these questions:

1. Which branch of agriculture is most developed in Australia?
2. Which sector of economy of Australia plays the largest role in the world economy?
3. What is the highest peak of Australia?
4. Which kind of height of mountains is typical for the Great Dividing Range?
5. What the climate zone a large part of Australia is occupied?
6. Which animal is endemic to Australia?
7. Which cape is the easternmost point of mainland Australia?

And now let's check your knowledge

1. What kind of transportation of cargo turnover in Australia is leading?
2. What are the largest cities of Australia? List them.
3. What is the capital of Australia? Tell us why this small town is the capital of the country?
4. What are the leading sectors of the economy in Australia?
5. What is Commonwealth and country in Commonwealth?

Let's move on to more advanced questions:

1. What country has similar population structure of Australia?
2. What is common between countries such as Australia, Canada and Russia? Call them similar problems in their development.
3. Which country is in need of mining products of Australia?
4. What the main cause of internal differences that exist in Australia?
5. Which industry prefers more part of the population of Australia?

Let us discuss:

1. How do you think what is the uniqueness of the organic world of this continent?
2. Which natural features is in Australia?
3. How do you think, why the name of the country is the Commonwealth of Australia?
4. How do you think what is the main economic region in Australia?
5. Why Australia is called the driest and hottest continent?

Australian map
Let's work with the map:

1. Let's take a closer look map of Australia and give characterization of the natural resources of the country. What country has similar placement of the economy? Find the differences between these countries.

2. Apply onto the contour map of the extreme points of the mainland of Australia and their coordinates. Indicate onto the contour map oceans and seas that are surrounded the mainland.

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