Welcome to New York. Grammar Article

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Welcome to New York.

Hello everybody!
This year Misha and his friends Rob and Mark MacWizard are going to spend some time in America. Together with them you'll learn a lot about life in this country, its history and its traditions. Before we start, let's see how much you already know about America.


1    Choose the right answers and complete the sentences.

1.    The official name of America is
a) the USA or the US b) the c) the UK

2.    The capital of America is
a) New York b) Boston c) Washington, DC

3.    America was discovered by
a) Vasco da Gama b) Ferdinand Magellan c) Christopher Columbus

4.    The Native Americans were
a) Indians b) Celts c) Mexicans

5.    American money is
a) euros and cents b) dollars and \ cents c) pounds and pennies

6.    In America the official language(s) is / are
a) English b) English and French c) English and German

2 Read the rubrik America in focus and check some of your answers.

America in focus

The USA — The official name of America NewYork is the USA (the United States of America) or the US (the United States). The country consists of fifty states. New York (NY) is in the state of New York. It is the largest city in country, but it's not the capital. The capital of the USA is Washington, DC.
They speak English in America, so people from America and the UK can understand each other. There are some differences, however.

Same thing, different    name

BrE                        AmE
flat                           apartment
shop                        store
bank note                 bill

английский язык


BrE                       АmЕ
centre                   center
favourite                 favorite
colour                    color
metre                     meter
theatre                   theater
traveller                  traveler

3 Listen to the conversation and write what Misha, Rob and Mark associate America with.

4 What do you associate America with? What do you think foreigners associate Russia with?


5 Misha and his friends, Rob and Mark MacWizard, have arrived. Their friend, Emily Wilson, and her family are meeting them. Read the text of the conversation and answer the questions:

1.    Where does the conversation take place?
2.    Which city have the friends arrived in?
3.    Who is British? American? Russian?
4.    Was the flight long?
5.    How did the boys spend their time on the plane?
6.    How many people are in Emily's family?

Emily: Hello, guys. I'm so happy to see you again.
       Mom, Dad these are our British relatives
       Rob and Mark MacWizard.
       They are the smartest guys I know.
Mr and Mrs Wilson: It's great to meet you, guys. How are you?
Emily: And this is Misha Inin. He's from Russia
       and he's my best friend.
Mr and Mrs Wilson: It's nice to meet you, Misha. .
Misha: Nice to meet you, Mr Wilson and Mrs Wilson.
Mr Wilson: Oh, please just call us Diana and Martin.
Misha: OK, Martin.
Mr Wilson: That's better.
Mrs Wilson: How was your flight, boys? Are you tired?
Mark:  It was fine, thank you. A bit long, but we had a great time.
Rob:   Yes, we had a very nice breakfast and lunch.
Misha: And I watched two films during the flight.
Mr Wilson: I'm glad to hear that, but let's go. Everyone is waiting to see you.
Rob: Everyone?
Mr Wilson:Oh, yes. The rest of the family is waiting for you outside.
       All our brothers, sisters and cousins. There are thirteen of them.
       They've been asking about our new relatives from Britain.
Mark:  What a big family!
Emily: Actually, there are more of us, but not everybody could come to
       the airport today. You'll meet the whole family the day after tomorrow.
       We're organizing a big family party.
Rob:   Are we going to meet the whole family?
Mrs Wilson: Oh, no, don't worry. My terrible cousin Terry, who did all those
       awful things to you, isn't going to be there. He's in prison now.
Emily: Let's forget about the past. You're in the USA now and you're going to see one of
       the greatest cities on the planet — New York!
6 Read the transcriptions of the words. Listen to the conversation and underline the words which are pronounced in American English.


24-10-8.jpg Употребление артикля с существительными bed, church, college, university, hospital, prison, school

В случае если эти существительные имеют значение конкретного места, здания или учреждения, они употребляются с артиклем по общим правилам употребления исчисляемых существительных.

В случае если эти существительные обозначают процессы, которые в них происходят, артикль с этими существительными не употребляется. Например: bed (сон, болезнь), hospital (лечение), school (учеба), prison (лишение свободы), church (церковная служба).

to go to school                   to be in hospital / at the hospital
to be at school                   to go to college
to leave school                   to be in prison
to go to bed                       to go to church
to be in bed


I have missed a lot of classes this month. My parents have to go to the school. — Я пропустил много занятий в этом месяце. Моих родителей вызывают в школу. (Родители не учатся, а должны пойти в здание школы для разговора.)
Kathy is at school now. Call back later. — Кэти в школе сейчас. (Она там учится.) Позвоните позже.

Don't sit on the bed. — He сидите на кровати. (Речь идет о мебели.) My sister is still in bed. Should I wake her up? — Моя сестра все еще спит. (Речь идет не о месте, а о деятельности: она спит.) Разбудить ее?
7    Some of the Wilsons didn't come to the airport. Diana is telling Misha and his friends about her relatives. Choose the right sentence to complete the idea.

Model:Emily's grandmother Olga was in church.

a)    She never misses a Sunday service, (воскресная служба)
b)    She works there.

Emily's grandmother, Olga, was in church. She never misses a Sunday service.

1.    Emily's cousin, Lucy, was at the school.
a) She is in Grade Six. b) She wanted to talk about her son's marks.

2.    Diana's father, Kenneth, was at the hospital,
a) He's ill. b) He visited a friend.

3.    Emily's uncle, Terry, was in prison.
a) He went there to visit a friend, b) He's there because he did horrible things.

4.    Emily's youngest sister was in bed.
a) She was sleeping, b) She was sitting.

8    Put in the article if necessary.

1.    I live near ... church. ... church is very old.
2.    Mr Smith is at... hospital now. He wants to talk to his son's doctor.
3.    You should come to... school, Mrs Brown. We need to talk about your daughter.
4.    The robber was caught and went to ... prison.
5.    She was sitting on ... bed reading a book.
6.    My friend is lucky. She doesn't have to get up early because she lives near ... school.


A Who made a mistake / misunderstood? Find the mistakes or misunderstandings in the conversations and correct them.

a)   Model: A: Mary couldn't come to the party. She was in hospital.
                 B: Oh, poor thing. What happened? A: Nothing. She's a doctor.
                 A made a mistake. He should say: She was at the hospital.
b)    A: My mother is in the college today.
    B: It's never too late to study.
    A: Oh, no. She's a teacher there.
c)    A: Jack is in prison.
    B: What an interesting job!
    A: I'm afraid you don't understand...

d) A: Liz will have to go to school tomorrow...
   B: Do you have classes in the evening?
   A: No, Liz is my aunt. She wants to speak to my teachers.
В Put in the necessary article and translate the sentences into Russian.

1.1 don't take a bus to get to ... school because I live near ... school.

2.    - Where's Wendy?
—    She is ... hospital. She's ill.
—    How long has she been there?
—    She's been ... hospital for a month now. Let's go to ... hospital and visit her.

3.    Normally she goes to ... bed late, that's why I was very surprised when I saw her in ... bed at 8 o'clock.

4.    Where shall we meet? Let's meet near ... church.

С What are the people in the pictures saying? Complete the dialogues.


D Which places in America have you heard of and would like to visit? Write 2-3 sentences.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 9 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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