Let's build a bridge

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Lessons 7-8  Let's build a bridge



1. What is the main cause of all these problems?

. Choose the best answer:

1 problems in children's upbringing
2 the generation gap
3 general problems in society


2 A. Listen to the words of the song about the generation gap read by your teacher.

. What did the songwriter want to express?

B. Listen to the words of the song again and fill in the gaps with the words you hear.

1 Every(I)_ Blames the one before And all of the.r frustratIons Come beating on your door.

2 I (2) _ that I'm a prisoner To all my (3) _ held so dear. I know that I'm a hostage To all his (4) _ and fears I just wish I could have told him in the living years.

3 Crumpled bits of (5) _ Filled with imperfect thought Stilted conversations I'm (6) _ that's all we've got.

4 You say you just don't see it He says it's perfect sense fuJ just can't get (7)_ In this present tense. We all talk a (8) _ language Talking in defense.

5 Say it loud, say it clear You can (g) _ as well as you hear It's too (10) _ when we die To admit we don't see eye to eye.

frustration - paзочарование
hostage - заложник
crumpled - скомканный
stilted - напыщенный, высокопарный

C. Answer the following questions.

1 What is meant by the "one" in verse 1?
2 Where is the author's father? How do you know? (see verse 2)
3 What language is meant in verse 4?

D. Discuss what life situations can be explained by the generation gap?

. arguments about children's duties
. misunderstanding of each other's tastes In musIc
. continue the list


3 A. Read the dictionary definition of "agony column" and discuss the following:

Agony colnmn - a part of a newspaper, esp, a tabloid, or a magazine containing letters from readers about their personal problems logether with advice from the newspaper or magazine.

1 Why do people write to agony columns?
2 Do you know any magazines containing such problem pages in Russia?
3 Would you ever write to a magazine about your problems? Why (not)?

B. Read quickly the two letters to agony columns and choose a title for each of them from the ones on the right.

английский язык

C. Summarise the problems of Max and liam in one sentence each.

D. Both letters end in an appeal for help. What advice would you give to Max and liam?


4 A. Answer the question in the box alongside the texts in ex. 3B.

B. Put each number into the right bubble.

1 Be back home before nine!
2 Are you going to hang out with that awful crowd?
3 You can't always have fun and do nothing!
4 Could you turn it off? I can't focus on my work!
5 Can't you get off my back?! I work as an unpaid slave!
6 You just feel jealous that you don't understand it.
7 ... but I'm going out with my class-mates. Everyone will make fun of me for going home so early!
8 Oh! Stop nagging, dad! They're all good guys! We just do different teenage things.



5 Work in pairs
1 Choose a situation lrom ex, 4A.
2 View the situation lrom the parent's and Irom the teenager's point 01 view.
3 Suggest a way out 01 the situation.

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6 A. Read the two versions of advice given to one of the teenagers by the Agony Aunt and answer the questions below.

1 Which letter lrom the two above (ex. 4В) do they answer?
2 In what ways are they different?
3 Which style do you preler? Why?
4 What expressions of advice can you pick out in each of them?

английский язык

Language of advice

Have you ever thought ol...?
II you want my advice.. .
I think you should...
My advice would be to...
You'd better (do)...
Whatever you do, never...
Do / Don't...

B. Imagine yourself in the place of the Agony Aunt and follow the instructions.

1 Choose the language you preler.
2 Carelully reread the letter which has not been answered.
3 In pairs discuss the advice you would give the teenager. Take notes.
4 Produce the lirst draft of your letter of advice. Organise it in the following way:

английский язык

5 Edit your draft and rewrite the answer using A4 format.

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