What can we do for them

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Lessons 5-6   What can we do for them?


1. Look at the pictures.

. Are they a common sight in your home town or region?
. What do you think brought the animals to such a miserable state?



2 A. Do you know anything about how people help animals: a) in different countries. b) in your city / town?

. Work In pairs / small groups. Think about:

taking part in TV, radio programmes joining social organisations, funds making appealing visuals (posters, leaflets) founding nature reserves, shelters giving donations organislng demonstrations.


Speaking about animals

appealing - able to move the feelings, attractive or interesting
nature reserve - a piece of land set aside for wild animals, plants, etc.
shelter - a place for homeless animals to live and get veterinary help
donation - something, especially money, that you give to a person or an organisation in order to help them

B. Make a list of five things you could do, organise or participate in to help animals.


3 Read quickly the three texts below and do the tasks alongside.

английский язык

1 What tendency can you see from the chart?
2 How many more species had disappeared by the year 2000 Ihan by 1700?
3 What do you feel when reading the chart?
4 Find the English equivalent to "вымерший".

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Billy's owner was so desperate to be rid of him that he stuffed the dog into a plastic bag, and chucked him onto a pile of rubbish sacks.

If he hadn't been found. Billy would have starved to death. When we rescued him. Billy was so weak that he couldn't even lift his head or crawl out of the open bag.

The vet told us that Billy had been starved for so long that he probably wouldn't live. Nevertheless we contin-
ued trying, and very slowly Billy began to recover. Eventually we were able to find him a new and loving home.
Billy's story

What 8.03-46.jpg3 a month buys

· Your 8.03-46.jpg3 a month will help the RSPCA recruit, train and equip more Inspectors. At the moment there are only 314 Inspectors working 24 hours a day.

· Your ?3 a month will help the RSPCA build and run animal shelters where abandoned animals find safety; where the beaten and tortured receive veterinary care; and where the neglected and ignored find love.

· Your 8.03-46.jpg3 a month will help the RSPCA train more education officers for the community, to make sure that fewer animals suffer neglect because their owners have never been told how to care for them properly.

· Your8.03-46.jpg3 a month could mean the difference between life and death for more animals like Billy.

To start giving please complete the form opposite and return to:

                                                                                                                                                                                             RSPCA, FREEPOST,
                                                                                                                                                                                             'BRISTOL BS38 7LQ

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The road to extinction is paved with ivory bracelets, rings and carvings. All beautiful, All deadly.

Every day in Africa, 143 elephants are slaughtered. At this rate, they'll be wiped out in 25 years. Unless you help now.

First, don't buy ivory, new or old.

And alert everyone you know.

Then, support the World Wildlife Fund's elephant action campaign. We are the only group actively working with local people across Africa to stop poaching and save elephant lands.

Help us hire more rangers, buy more jeeps, equip more patrols and save more elephants.

Send for more information now. And help keep ivory where it belongs.



desperate - wanting something very much

to be rid of - throwaway something you don't need any more

chuck - throw something in a careless way

starve - sutfer or die because you do not have enough to eat, or to make someone else do this

RSPCA - the Royal Society for lhe Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; an organisation in Britain which is concerned with the protection of animals

1 In the first part of the text
find a synonym for "save".

2 In the second part of the
text try to find three words
with the opposite meaning
to "ammals taken care of".


английский язык

1 Translate extinction (See text 1, question 4).

2 Whose extinction is the author speaking about?

3 How will you translate be wiped out? Is it a neutral word?

4 If you don.t buy ivory, how could it help save elephants?


A. Which of the words from the box are connected with:

. harm that people do to animals: ...
. measures aimed to help animals survive: ...

 neglect             nature                 reserve                  domestication
 donation         abandon              shelter                  ignore
 commercial           exploitation                           captivity

B. Fill the gaps with necessary words beginning with the letter given. Change the form if necessary.

1 The RSPCA asks you to help animals. Even small d... will be gratefully received.
2 The largest number of a,.. animals live in big cities.
3 Green Peace is trying to save the whales from ex...
4 A lot of species become ex.., every year.
5 We found a homeless cat. It was very thin and couldn't move, We r... the cat and it became our fnend.
6 Our city government opened ash... for a... animals. It can host up to 300 animals.
7 In order to preserve areas of land that haven't yet been endangered by people, new nature r... are founded.


language work

5 Discuss the difference between the texts in ex. 3. Answer the questions.

английский язык


6. The small groups begin a HELP ANIMALS campaign. Follow the steps.

1 Ftom t list in ex. 2A choose one item that seems to you most,nteresting and appealing.
2 To supportt your campaign make up one of the following materials.

английский язык

3 Brainstorm the ideas for your material.
4 Write the first d,aft, Refer to Ldnguage used and Content sections in ex, 5.
5 Read the draft and improve It. Refer to Layout and design section ex, 5.
6 Check your spelling and grammar.
7 Produce the final version ready for a display .

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