What did thе stars say

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What did thе stars say

1  Listen  to the words  and expressions  and  repeat  them after  the speakeг.

a plate — тарелка
a spoon — ложка
to smile — улыбаться
a market ['ma:kit] — рынок
a feast [fi:st] — пир
glass — стекло

а sheеp -oвцa
а сountess  6-10-94.jpg-гpaфиня
furniturе  6-10-95.jpg- мeбeль
a mаnnеr - манеpa
to recognizе  6-10-96.jpg - yзнaвaть

2    How much do you know about life in 1599? Try to answer the questions.

1.    Were there any castles?
2.    Was there a queen or a king?
3.    Were there beds in the houses?
4.    Was there any furniture in the houses?
5.    Were there toilets in the houses?
6.    Did people have oranges?
7.    Did people have sugar?
8.    Did people have plates?
9.    Did people have spoons?
10.    Did people eat with their hands?
11.    Did people use any medicine?

What did thе stars say

3     Listen to the third part of the story anc check your answers.

4 Read the story and answer the questions.

1.    What did the London of the past look like?
2.    Was countess Bagshow Phillip's relative?
3.    Why did the countess take Rob to her house?
4.    Did Rob like countess Bagshow's house?
5.    What did the countess give Rob before dinner?
6.    What was the food at the feast like?
7.    What were people's manners like?
8.    What happened at night?
9.    Did Rob help Countess Bagshow?

Rob's story

Part III

In London

London was a big surprise. It was small, and I didn't recognize any of the streets. They weren't the same as the streets of the London of my time. We went through the market. I liked it. They had everything: poems, medicine, roses, fish, meat, oranges. There were people with sheep and pigs. I also saw a lot of beggars.

Phillip lived with his aunt, countess Bagshow. We came to her house and Phillip introduced me. "This boy can cure any disease," he said. The countess was very happy, and I became her servant. I liked the house. The furniture was comfortable, and I could sleep in bed. The windows had glass in them. When I saw a toilet inside the house, I was very happy. There were no beds or toilets in Edinburgh.

That evening there was a feast in the castle. The countess gave me a spoon and said, "You must come with your own spoon when somebody invites you to dinner."
What did thе stars say

The people in the castle wore beautiful, expensive clothes, but the smell there was bad. I thought all the people needed a bath. But there was no bathroom and no toilet in the castle!

At the feast I had to stand behind the countess's chair and serve her. All the plates and cups were made of silver , and the food looked tasty. But I didn't like people's manners. They ate with their hands and threw bones on the floor . Their hands were dirty and their teeth were black, because they ate a lot of sugar. The Queen didn't smile, because her teeth were black too"

  • сделаны из серебра
    ** бросали кости на пол

At night the countess didn't feel well. She had stomachache and I had to help her. But I made a big mistake. I said, "I am not surprised. You ate five chickens and two cakes at the feast. And you didn't wash your hands!" The countess was very angry and told me to leave her house. My friend Phillip felt sorry for me, but what could he do?

I needed money, so I went to the market and started my own business. I predicted the future and gave people aspirin. Finally, the Queen invited me to her castle and I told her about the future of England. You know the end of the story. Now I am in the Tower, and everything is ready for my execution.

go                 went             have           had         think           hought
can               could            can            could       make          made
see               saw              feel            felt           eat             ate
come            came            give           gave         throw          threw
become        became         wear          wore        give            gave

5 Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple and complete the sentences. Where did these events take place?
What did thе stars say

1.    People (wear) beautiful clothes.
2.    Rob (have to) serve the countess.
3.    Rob (see) a lot of beggars.
4.    People (can) buy everything there.
5.    Rob (liked) the furniture.
6.    The countess (give) Rob a spoon.
7.    The food (look) great.
8.    The countess (tell) Rob to leave.
9.    The queen (not smile) because her teeth (be) black.

6  Answer the questions.

1.    What health problems did people have?
2.    Why did they have those problems?
3.    Do we have such problems now?

7  Complete the table with the facts from the text.

These things surprised Rob These things shocked Rob Rob liked these things
London The smell in the castle The furniture in the countess's house


A Fill in the table. Use information from the text.

These things surprised me These things didn't surprise me

В  Read the text and write questions to these answers.

1.    His name was Dr Dee.
2.    He was in prison, because he wanted to talk to Rob.
3.    Rob knows Dr Dee, because he was a famous person in his time.
4.    Rob will have to wait.
5.    Rob can't wait, because everything is ready for his execution.
6.    "The boy from the future will return to his time if he finds the beginning of the Earth which is under a big tree. The time tunnel will only open for/a boy with a kind heart who can be a real friend."

What did thе stars say

What did the stars say?

Rob: This is my story. And who are you?
Dr Dee: My name is Doctor Dee.
Rob: Dr Dee! I know you! Our teacher told us about you in the History lesson. You are the Queen's astrologer and friend. Why are you in prison?
Dr Dee: I'm not in prison here. I came because I wanted to talk to you.
Rob: Do you believe my story, Dr Dee?
Dr Dee: Yes, I do. I know about the time tunnels. Somebody wanted to travel to your time and you had to take his place here. I think it was a boy of your age. He made a mistake and got lost, so he couldn't send you back to your own time.
Rob:So what can I do now?
Dr Dee:Oh, you'll have to wait. He'll find you himself.
Rob:But I can't wait. Tomorrow I am going to die! Please help me.
Dr Dee: Well, I am not a wizard and I can't send you back to your own time. But let us ask the stars. Here is the prediction. "The boy from the future will return to his time if he finds the beginning of the Earth which is under a big tree. The time tunnel will only open for a boy with a kind heart who can be a real friend."
Rob:The beginning of the Earth! A real friend! Are you joking? I don't have any friends! It is awful! I am going to die!

Dr — Doctor(доктор), зд. высокая научная степень. Для ее получения необходимо не только окончить университет, но и заниматься исследовательской работой.
Dr Dee (1527-1608) — математик, астроном, алхимик и, возможно, чародей. Был другом и советником королевы Елизаветы. О себе он говорил: "Я провел всю свою жизнь в поисках знания и обнаружил, что ни один человек и ни одна книга не смогли дать мне того, чего я желал".

What did thе stars say

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 6 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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