What does a ranger do?

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What does a ranger do?

24-10-31.jpg Употребление Present Simple вместо Future Simple в английских придаточных предложениях времени и условия

В английских придаточных предложениях времени и условия для выражения будущих действий употребляетсяPresent Simple, а неFuture Simple.
•    Английские придаточные предложения времени присоединяются к главному предложению с помощью союзов when (когда), till / until (до тех пор, пока), as soon as (как только), after (после того как).

Не will send an e-mail as soon as he gets the parcel. — Он отправит сообщение (когда?), как только получит посылку.

When they arrive,'III phone you.— Когда они приедут, я вам позвоню.
I'll wait till he comes back. — Я подожду до тех пор, пока он не вернется.
We'll watch TV after we do our homework. — Мы будем смотреть телевизор после того, как сделаем уроки.

•    Английские придаточные предложения условия присоединяются к главному предложению с помощью союзов if (если), unless (если не).

If he asks, she'll tell him the truth. — Если он спросит, она скажет ему правду.
I won't be able to do anything  unless he agrees to help. — Я не смогу ничего сделать, если он не согласится помочь.

Обратите внимание, что союз unless имеет отрицательное значение, поэтому в сложноподчиненном предложении больше не нужно отрицания.

Придаточное предложение может стоять как после главного предложения, так и перед ним. Если придаточное предложение стоит перед главным предложением, оно отделяется запятой.

We'll go to the theatre if my friend phones me.
If my friend phones me, we'll go to the theatre.

1 Translate the sentences into Russian. Explain the use of tenses.

1.    I'll explain everything after he leaves the room.
2.    She'll buy a new dress as soon as she loses some weight.
3.    If your mother treats you like a child, you'll never learn how to make your own decisions.
4.    I'll wait till he comes back.
5.    He won't achieve anything unless he learns to work harder.
6.    Alice will study English until she is able to understand her pen friend's letters.
7.    They won't be able to help Jane unless she asks them to.
8.    He won't stop until he finds out the truth.

2 Match the parts of the sentences.

1.    They'll have a picnic
2.    He'll phone us
3.    I'll wait
4.    Even if he complains,

a)    unless it rains.
b)    nobody will listen to him.
c)    if we don't answer his letter.
d)    till my friend tells me what to do.
3 Write the verbs in brackets in the correct tense.

1.    If I (find out) something about him, I (phone) you.
2.    She (not know) anything unless you (tell) her yourself.
3.    He (pass the test) if you (help) him.
4.    They (be) at home when the match (start).
5.    Granny (be happy) if I (go) to the country with her tomorrow.

4 Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker. Match the words with the pictures of jobs. Which of the expressions doesn't describe a job? Guess the meaning of the expression or translate it using a dictionary.


•    to give out advertising fliers
•    to deliver the post
•    to help children catch up with their studies
•    to be a babysitter
•    to work as a waiter
•    to be a ranger
•    to make website home pages

Listen to the conversation and say what a summer job is. What's the difference between a summer job and a permanent job?

6  Read the conversation for detail and answer the questions.

1.    Which of the jobs from Ex. 4 is Misha not going to do?
2.    What does Emily want to do?
3.    Why will Misha be green with envy?
4.    What does a ranger do?

Emily:       What are you thinking about, Misha? You look a bit sad.
Misha:     I am sad. Soon we'll find the treasure and then our adventure will be over.
Emily:      Yes, that's true, unless Jack made a mistake about South Dakota. You know how easy it is
                   to make a mistake with all these clues and mysteries.
Misha:     No, I have a feeling that this time it will be there.
Emily:       Anyway, what will you do when you go back to Russia?
Misha:     I've thought about it a lot. First of all I'll spend some time with my family. I really miss them all.
                   Then I'll go to see all my friends and catch up with all the news. The only thing is I don't know if
                   they'll be there for summer. Then I'll probably think of getting a summer job. I hope it won't be
                   too late to find something for this summer.
Emily:       What would you like to do?
Misha:     Well, I can do lots of things: give out advertising fliers, deliver the post, work as a waiter in a
                   local cafe or be a babysitter. Then maybe I'll be able to find a job that uses my qualifications:
                   helping children catch up with their studies (in English and Maths, for example) or making website
                   home pages for people who need them. But it'll take a lot of time to find a job like that.
Emily:      Hmmm, you don't sound very enthusiastic. I think you have to be
                   really motivated to get a good job, even if it's just a summer job, not a permanent job.
Misha:     And what about you? Unless I've got it wrong, you know all about summer jobs. Have you found a
                   good one for yourself?
Emily:      Well, actually it's a secret. I don't want anybody to know until I get a reply from them.
Misha:     Oh, please tell me now. We probably won't have a chance to talk about it after we find the treasure.
Emily:      Well, I guess I can tell you. I'd like to be a ranger in one of California's national parks.
Misha:     What does a ranger do?
Emily:      All sorts of things. They look after animals and plants, lead excursions, organise seminars
                   for visitors, and sometimes even save people's lives.
Misha:     Hmmm, you don't really think you'll be that lucky, do you? Is it dangerous to work in a national park then? Emily:      Now I can see that you don't know anything about the national parks in California.
                   Working there is a real adventure. I'm just not sure if they take teenagers. Let me tell you
                   what rangers do. You'll be green with envy.

7    Найдите в диалоге предложения, где союз if используется для введения придаточных изъяснительных предложений. Переведите эти предложения на русский язык.

8    Complete the sentences with facts from the dialogue. Pay attention to the way the Present Simple and the Future Simple are used.

Model:  When the friends find the treasure, their adventure will be over.

1.    The friends will find the treasure if...
2.    When Misha goes back to Russia,...
3.    Misha will visit his friends if...
4.    Misha will try to get a summer job if...
5.    It will take Misha a lot of time if...
6.    If someone wants to find a good job,...
7.    Emily won't tell anybody about her summer job until...
8.    Emily and Misha only have time to talk about everything until...
9.    Emily could save somebody's life if...
10.    If the California national parks give jobs to teenagers,...
11.    When Emily tells Misha about California's national parks,...

9    Tell the class about your plans for next summer in two or three sentences. Use these ideas for help if you have to.

Model:    If I have enough time, 111 catch up with my school work. I hope it's
              not too late. My best friend promised to help me.

to go to summer camp, to catch up with school work, to go to the country, to find a summer job, to make a bit of pocket money, to work to help the family, to go hiking, to go to the seaside, to do nothing, to watch TV all day, to do sports, to read books, to find time for one's hobby

A Put the verbs in the correct tense form.

1.    If he (have) a toothache, he (go) to the dentist.
2.    He (not go) to university unless he (work) hard.
3.    They (wait) until he (come back).
4.     She (not go) to the park if it (rain).
5.     I (give) you the book if I (find) it.
6.     You (have to) take a taxi if you (miss) the bus.

В Write questions about the underlined words.

1.    They'll go to the disco if it rains.
2.    She'll find out a lot about the subject when she reads this book.
3.    She'll lose weight when she goes on a diet.
4.    If she has time, she'll work as a babysitter.
5.    You'll burn calories if you do sports.

С Translate the sentences into English.

1.    Если вы будете знать английский язык хорошо, вы сможете найти хорошую работу.
2.    Если мальчики найдут сокровище, их приключение закончится.
3.    Что будет делать Миша, когда вернется в Россию?
4.    Если в моем городе откроется ресторан, я попробую найти там работу.
5.    Ты умрешь от зависти, когда я расскажу тебе о своих планах на лето.
6.    Летом он будет работать официантом, если его возьмут.
7.    Если Эмили не поедет в летний лагерь, она будет помогать лесникам.
8.    Ты будешь раздавать рекламные объявления, пока не найдешь работу лучше.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 9 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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