What makes a family

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5 Unit Family issues

Lessons 1-2 What makes a family?


1. Look at these photos and discuss the questions:

1 Are the people in the right photo a family or friends dining together?
2 Why do you think so?
3 Who might the other two people be?



2 A. Guess the meaning of the words and phrases in the box following the steps below.

1 Look at the words and say what their parts mean.
2 What do you think the whole word means? Give your answer or say "no answer" .
3 In the text below, find the contexts the words are used in, and check your answers.
4 Find the context for "run" and answer the question on the right of the text.

. household .
. background .
. in-law .
. childcare .
. extended family

B. Read the text and match each person mentioned to a person in the photo ex. 1.

Christina Michel is 24 years old, She works in PR and recently got married. However, she and her husband still live with her parents. And the household doesn't finish there. Also sharing the family home are Christina's grandparents, uncle, and a younger brother. Every night the whole of the extended family sits down to eat together round the table in the bright and cosy kitchen.

More and more families WIll turn to this kind of one-for -all-and-all-for -one-style existence in the new millennium. According to researchers, households of three or even four generations will become typical. Their report suggests that this will be as much down to economics as free choice, as the cost of living keeps rising.

It's a trend that suits Christina perfectly, She finds living in a multi-generation home quite normal because of her Greek background, and the rest of the family are equally enthusiastic about the arrangement. Christina's grandparents, who are getting old, can be looked after. as can her uncle, who is mentally handi- capped.

cosy - yютный
mentally handicapped - having a problem with their brain that affects their ability or control their body movements, possibly from birth
advantages - npeимуществa
fishmonger - ВrE someone who sells fish
Christiana's mother Andriana Pappos, 47, runs her own hairdressing salon and IntIs many advantages in this style of living. английский язык

ChristIna's husband, Kypros, 25, a technical consultant. only laughs when he is asked about living with his in-laws, as he is sure that most people wouldn't believe he is happy with the arrangement too.

Christina's father, George, 51, is a fishmonger. He is up every day at 3 a.m. to buy fish at Billingsgate Market, and he insists that the family sits down together to eat each evening.

According to John King, deputy managing director of general insurance in one of the most popular British banks, plenty of families will soon find themselves forced into this lifestyle by rising house prices, the cost of childcare, and the cost of caring for elderly relatives.

Adapted from an article by Hester Lacey first published in "The Independent on Sunday" I london. UK, 28 November, 1999.


3 A. Listen to what the people mentioned in the article say.

 . Put the number of the speaker next to his / her photo.

B. Read the sentences with the gaps. Discuss with your partner what words are or might be missing.

a) We (1) ... about what's happening, who's doing what, it's lovely to have the family round you and (2) ... ,.. to your brothers and your parents. You feel (3)... .

b) The children are (4) ... every night; I know where they are.

c) When I tell people I live with my (5) ..., they say "Argh!" But it's just like living with my own parents.

d) It works both ways: the children don't pay rent but if the grass (6) ... '" or something needs doing, one of my sons will do it.

e) The old-style (7) ... family could be very restrictive, The essential difference will be that in the future, living this way will have been (8) ... ... .


C. Listen to the recording once again and check your answers.


4 A. Study the list of family values and their definitions. Think of the Russian equivalents for them.

caring                                              feeling that someone is important, so that you are interested in them, worried
                                                        about them, etc.
I sharing (mutual)                             having the same opinion, experience, feeling etc. as someone else

respect                                            an attitude of regarding someone as important so that you are careful not to harm
                                                        them, treat them rudely, etc.

security                                            state of being protected from the bad things that could happen to you

comfort                                            feeling of being more calm, cheerful, or hopeful after you have been worried or

privacy                                             the state of being free from public attention

trust                                                 a strong belief in the honesty, goodness etc. of someone or something

B. Read the statements below.

. What family values or the" absence (see ex, 4A) do they describe?
. More than one choice is possible.

a) A family has things together... like dreams
and hopes and possessions and memories
and smiles...

                                                               b) It is a shelter from the storm... a friendly
                                                               port when the waves of life become too

c) With so many people in one house you
don't have a chance to be alone, unseen,
or unheard.

                                                               d) Whatever I say my family will take my
                                                               word against anybody else's...

e) A family is a place where love and faith dwell ... I
a place where all members can enjoy the dignity
(достоинство) of their own personalities.

                                                               f) We talk about what's happening, who's doing
                                                               what, it's lovely to have the family round you
                                                               and to know they are Interested in you.

C. Refer back to ex. 2B and ex. 3B.

. Say which of the values from ex, 4A is / are presented in the Pappos family?
. Illustrate them with the examples from the text.


5. Try to reach an agreement on the statements below.

. In groups of three or four decide which of the following statements you agree or disagree with,
. Negotiate and change the statements you disagree with so that they represent all the opinions of your roup.
. Be ready to report the results of your discussion to the class.

1 We only need a family for comfort and protection,
2 Sharing feelings comes after sharrng a meal,
3 Privacy is impossible in an extended family,
4 Too much caring is annoying.
5 Mutual respect can substitute for love in a family.
6 Trust IS more important for a happy family than any other feature.


6 Write a paragraph on one of the topics (1-6) from ex. 5.

английский язык

O. Л. Гроза, О. Б. Дворецкая, Н. Ю. Казырбаева, В. В. Клименко, М. Л. Мичурина, Н. В. Новикова, Т. Н. Рыжкова, Е. Ю. Шалимова, Английский язык нового тысячелентия, Учебник английского языка для 10 класса общеобразовательных учреждений. — 2-е изд. — М. Титул, 2004. — 175 с, ; ил.

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