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Тема: «Письмова робота (a letter of complaint)»

A Formal Letter of Complaint ( Task 2 )
You have just come back from a holiday which was spoilt because several things went wrong on the journey. Read the advertisement and the notes which you have made, then write your letter of complaint to Eagle Air. Add some of your own complaints. Write between 120 and 180 words.   

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Sample answer:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just returned from a trip to Athens with Eagle Airlines, and I am afraid to say I was most dissatisfied with many aspects of my flight.

First of all, the aeroplane was cramped, especially as we were forced to leave our luggage on the floor. Also, the toilets were absolutely disgusting and I was obliged to wait till our arrival in Athens to use the toilets here.

To make the matters worse, there was little to do during the journey. There were no newspapers to read (the steward told me they had run out) and the only in-flight movie was a children’s cartoon. Furthermore, the steward was most rude when I asked him for a hot meal, which we had been promised in you leaflet. All we got during the trip was a cold snack. This is most unacceptable.

Finally, let me say the cost of the flight was not much cheaper than a regular flight on other airlines, although Eagle Air advertise their flights as much less expensive than the others. This is simply not true.

I do not intend to flight Eagle Air again, as you can imagine, and I would appreciate at least a letter of explanation, if not an apology.

Yours faithfully,
Stanley Walmsley

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