Завдання: Тема 68. Виконання вправ на повторення граматичних тем та аудіювання

Завдання до предмету Англійська мова, 9 клас
Тема: «Виконання вправ на повторення граматичних тем та аудіювання»

I. Continue the sentences with your own ideas.

1.  If I had a million pounds, __________________________________________________

2.  If Billy had looked under the sofa, __________________________________________

3.  If we had had enough time, _________________________________________________

4.  If the children play with the matches, _______________________________________

5.  I wouldn’t have gone out with him if ________________________________________

6.  I would call the police if ___________________________________________________

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7.  The traffic problem will get better if ________________________________________

8.  If our basketball team had played better, ____________________________________

9.  If I were the President of my country, _______________________________________

10. If it doesn’t rain at the weekend, ___________________________________________

11. She would have been late for school if ______________________________________

12. If my friend knew the answers to the test, ___________________________________

13. If we don’t look after the environment, _____________________________________

14. If I weren’t so tired, _______________________________________________________

15. If I had a dog, ___________________________________________________________

16. If we had had more free time, _____________________________________

17. If they had invited us to the party, _____________________________________

18. If I go to the supermarket today, _____________________________________

19. If Sue had been more careful, _____________________________________

20. If I got stuck in a lift, _____________________________________

II. Complete the sentences with an appropriate form of the verb in brackets.

1.  If it is a nice day tomorrow, we ____________________ (have) a picnic.

2.  If she ____________________ (finish) her work, she would have gone to the cinema with her friends.
3.  She ____________________ (be) in trouble with her mother if she fails her exams.
4.  If I ____________________ (go) to bed earlier, I wouldn’t be late for school so often.
5.  You ____________________ (watch) a film on TV if you don’t have anything to do.
6.  Harry would have won the race if he ____________________ (try) harder.
7.  If Lewis hadn’t lied, he ____________________ (not / get into) trouble with the police.
8.  You will go to the football match if you ____________________ (feel) better.
9.  I would wear a warm jacket if I ____________________ (be) you.
10. If the brave dog ____________________ (not / bark), the family wouldn’t have woken up in the burning house.
11. If Jonathan ____________________ (miss) the bus, he’ll be late for work.
12. If she were qualified, she ___________________ (find) a better job.
13. If my father ____________________ (find) a good job, we’ll move to a bigger house.
14. If Sam ____________________ (have) his car, he would have given us a lift to the station.
15. If you keep coming late, you ___________________ (lose) your job.
16. I ____________________ (buy) you a present if I had known that it was your birthday.
17. If Andrew ____________________ (not / leave) his sunglasses on the floor, Janet wouldn’t have stepped on them.
18. What _______________ you _______________ (buy) if you had a lot of money?
19. What will you do if your girlfriend ____________________ (not / arrive)?

20. Which book _______________ you _______________ (take) if you went to a desert island?

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