Тест до уроку: Семестрове оцінювання з письма (Англійська мова 5 клас)

Тест до предмету Англійська мова, 5 клас
Тема«Семестрове оцінювання з письма»

Director’s Final Test                                      




Variant - I
 A Choose the correct item.

1    They     playing basketball right now.
A isn't    B aren't    C don't

2    Sally usually      to work.
A walks    B walk    C is walking

3    The children always      to bed at 8:00 in
the evening.
A goes    B go    C are going

4    Are you     your homework at the moment?
A do    B doing    C does

5    Can I have     tea, please?
A any    B some    C an

6    Bill      from 1 0 to 6 every day.
A work    B works    C is working

7    How      do you go to the cinema?
A often    B usually    C much

8    Tom      like watching TV.
A isn't    B doesn't    C don't

9   Helen      her new coat today.
A is wearing         B wears    C don't wear

10  The sun shines      the summer.
A on    B in    C at

B  Put the adverbs in brackets into their correct form, as in the example.
1   Tommy  plays  basketball     better  (well)   than   he plays football.
2   Sally rides her bike ....................................(carefully) than her brother.

3    My mother wakes up ..................................(early) of all in my family.
4    Terry finishes crossword puzzles .......................................... (quickly) than Susan does.
5    Of all my brothers, Luke studies ................................ ........... (hard).

 C  Fill in the correct word.   
"Can you ski?" "No, I    "
The children are      school.
This cake is for Dad. It's      birthday today.
Have you got      pet dog?
Can you give me      envelope, please?
How     do you go to the cinema?

There's a flat for rent      the second floor.
Mary is       attractive than Jane.

9         Ann like rock music?
10  This is     tallest building in our town.
11   They go to the gym    Wednesday.

"What's this?" "    's a school bag."
There are     oranges in the basket.
Can   have two     of spaghetti, please?
Mary is heavier     Jane.

 D Use the notes to tell a story with the title "A Night to Remember".
be cold rainy night

• Sally be in bed
hear strange noise

outside window
jump out of bed

• run to window
see big black monkey

• monkey open big mouth
it show teeth

• Sally feel scared
phone police

• hide under bed
police come five minutes later

• Sally go outside
see neighbours talking to two men
men be from local circus
monkey be one of the circus animals
Sally thank policemen
go in house
feel safe

Director’s Final Test                                      


Variant - II

A Choose the correct item.
1    Where      you go last night?
A do    B  have    C did

2        Sally play tennis when she was eleven
years old?
A Can    B Could    C Were

3    What did you      for lunch?
A eats    B ate    C eat

4    Susan can play      violin.
A an    B the    C a

5    There's      man in front of our car.
A the    B a    C some

6    Mr Howard      the train to work yesterday
A is taking-        B takes    C took

7    Mum cooks      than me.
A well    B better    C best

8    He      the dentist tomorrow.
A is seeing        B sees    C saw

9    They      dinner at 8:00 every day.
A had    B are having     C have

10  Ann      a baby next month.
A had    B has    C  is going to have

B Use   the   adjectives   in   the   list   to   write sentences about three of your friends.
tall • young • short • old • kind • friendly
strong • heavy • beautiful • handsome • thin

Neil is taller than Bob.
Bob is the youngest of the three.

C    Fill in the correct word.
1    Is there      desk in your bedroom?
2        the children like playing tennis?
How      cheese do you want?
Look at the boys! Look at   
Sue goes to work     bus.
Bill      crazy about Italian food.
The supermarket is     to the post office.
Can I have      coffee, please?
She   drives          carefully  than   her

10          Tony   and   Ann   watching   TV now?
11   There aren't      cats in the garden.
12   Bob is sitting      an armchair.

D Answer the questions about yourself.
Were you at home last night?_____________________________________
Did you have a bike when you were ten?____________________________
Could you swim when you were five?_______________________________
Where did you go last weekend?__________________________________
What did you eat for lunch?______________________________________

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