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1  What do you know about Mark Twain? What else would you like to know about him? Think of two questions. Read the biography to check if your questions are answered.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

(born Samuel Langhorne Clemens) was born in Missouri, USA. He was the best-known American author of his day. He grew up in a port town on the Mississippi River that became his inspiration for the town of St Petersburg in his most famous works, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) and The Adventures of Hucklebeny Finn (1884).

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a tale about an exciting series of events in the life of Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn. They include witnessing a murder, finding treasure and getting lost in a cave.

2  RNE   Read the text carefully and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for questions 1-6.

1 How did Tom find his way out of the cave?

A He felt his way along the tunnel until he found the exit.

B  He follower his kite-line.

C  The sound of the Mississippi River guidid him.

D  He saw a light at the end of a tunnel.

2  At first, Tom couldn't convince Becky to follow him out of the cave because she

A was angry with him.
B  had lost all hope.
C  was afraid of dying.
D  was too confused to understand him.

том сойер

Tom lay upon a sofa with an eager audience about him and told  the story of the  wonderful adventure, putting in many striking additions; and closed with a description of how he left Becky and went on an exploring expedition; how he followed two avenues as far as his kite-line would reach; how he followed a third to the fullest stretch of the kite-line, and was about to turn back when he glimpsed a far-off speck that looked like daylight; dropped the line and fumbled toward it, pushed his head and shoulders through a small hole, and saw the Mississippi rolling by! And if it had only happened to be night he would not have seen that speck of daylight and would not have explored that passage any more! He told how he went back for Becky and broke the good news and she told him not to bother her with such stuff, for she was tired, and knew she was going to die, and wanted to. He described how he laboured with her and convinced her; and how she almost died for joy when she had groped to where she actually saw the blue speck of daylight; how he pushed his way out at the hole and then helped her out; how they sat there and cried for gladness; how some men came along in a skiff  and Tom hailed them and told them their situation; how the men didn't believe the wild tale at first, "because," said they, "you are five miles down the river below the valley the cave is in" — then took them aboard, rowed to a house, gave them supper, made them rest till two or three hours after dark, and then brought them home.

3    The first people that Tom and Becky saw when they emerged were surprised that

A they had managed to survive for so long without food.
B they had travelled so far from the mouth of the cave.
C they were passing by when the youngsters emerged.
D the searchers hadn't managed to find them.

4    Which of the following is NOT true about Tom and Becky during the week after the escape?

A    They felt worse before they began to feel better.
B    It took Becky longer to get better than Tom.
C    Tom wasn't completely better when he went into town.
D    They had both made a full recovery by Sunday.

Before sunrise, Judge Thatcher and the handful of searchers with him were tracked out, in the cave, by the twine clews  they had strung behind them, and informed of the great news.

Three days and nights of hard work and hunger in the cave were not to be shaken off at once, as Tom and Becky soon discovered. They were ill all of Wednesday and Thursday, and seemed to grow more and more tired all the time. Tom got about, a little, on Thursday, was down-town Friday, and nearly as whole as ever Saturday; but Becky did not leave her room until Sunday, and then she looked as if she had passed through a wasting illness.

Tom learned of Huck's sickness and went to see him on Friday, but could not be admitted to the bedroom; neither could he on Saturday or Sunday. He was admitted daily after that, but was warned to keep quiet about his adventure. The Widow Douglas stayed by to see that he obeyed. At home Tom learned of the Cardiff Hill event; also that the man's body had eventually been found in the river near the ferry- landing ; he had drowned while trying to escape, perhaps.

About a fortnight  after Tom's rescue from the cave, he started off to visit Huck, who had grown strong enough, now, to hear exciting talk, and Tom had some that would interest him, he thought. Judge Thatcher's house was on Tom's way, and he stopped to see Becky. The Judge and some friends got Tom talking, and someone asked him ironically if he wouldn't like to go to the cave again. Tom said he thought he wouldn't mind it. The Judge said:

"Well, there are others just like you, Tom, I've not the least doubt. But we have taken care of that. Nobody will get lost in that cave any more."
"Because I had its big door covered with iron two weeks ago, and triple-locked - and I've got the keys.

" Tom turned as white as a sheet.
"What's the matter, boy! Here, run, somebody! Fetch a glass of water!"
The water was brought and thrown into Tom's face.
"Ah, now you're all right. What was the matter with you, Tom?"
"Oh, Judge, Injun Joe's in the cave!"

1type of small boat 2 strings 3 place where people get on/off the ferry 4 two weeks

5  Tom didn't tell Huckleberry Finn about his adventure at first because

A  he had to keep it a secret.

B   he  wasn't allowed to visit him.

C   he was told not to.

D  he didn't want to hear it.

6  Judge Thatcher threw water in Tom's face to

A make him say where someone was.

B  punish him for going into the cave.

C  dissuade him from going into the cave again.

D  help him to recover from shock.

3  Listen and read the text again. Match the words in bold to their meaning, then explain the meaning of the underlined phrases.

•    found • let in • extent • bring
•    took by boat • called • hung
•    pushed under water and died
•    struggled • caught sight of

4  Fill in the gaps in the sentences (1-7) with the different ways of moving, then mime their meanings. How did Tom and Becky move through the cave?

                 Ways to move

    fumble /fAmbel/ (v) feeling your way
    when you can't see
    crawl /kro;l/ (v) move on hands and
    creep /krtp/ (v) move quietly and
    dawdle /dp:dl/ (v) walk very slowly
    sprint /sprint/ (v) run extremely fast
    wander /wpnda/ (v) walk without a
    particular destination
    stomp /stpmp/ (v) walk with heavy
    steps to show anger

1    With a final burst of energy, Mike...........towards the finish line.
2    Tom turned around and ............angrily out of the room.
3    Sue's baby is..............already. She'll be walking soon!
4    Don't..............Jane! We'll be late!
5    I.................out of the room so that I didn't wake Sam up.
6    After the lights went out, I had way across the room.
7    I love.....................around flea markets. You never know what you will find!


5 THINK!   Imagine you are Tom or Becky. Write a short diary entry about your time in the cave. Read it to your partner.

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