5e Writing Skills

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Writing Skills

1  Read the extracts (A-C). Which of them is/are from a report? What helped you decide? Read the theory box and check.

Reports making suggestions/
recommendations are normally written for someone in authority e.g. an employer, a teacher etc. They normally contain some description of something e.g. what it's like in your area and then present suggestions/recommendations about future actions e.g. improvements to something.

Reports usually consist of:

•    information regarding who the report is to and from, what its subject is and the date it was written in the top left-hand corner.
•    a short introduction mentioning the purpose and content of the report. (This report was carried out to comment on.... As requested, this report is to comment on....)
•    a main body divided into sections, each with an appropriate heading. Short sentences should be used to make the information easy to understand and ideas should be linked with appropriate linking words/phrases.
•    a conclusion in which you may summarise the main pionts, give a personal opinion and/or include  a referentes to future action.

Reports contain factual information and are written in a  formal style (advanced vocfbulary, factyal,  impersonal language, fill verb forms, passive voice, formal linking words/phrases ets), usually using present tenses.


Littlehampton Clean-up Day,
Saturday 1 st December


Lastly, you could hold a 'clean-up' day in the neighbourhood in order to pick up litter and clean graffiti off walls. In summary, I believe that the general appearance of the area will be greatly improved if these changes are implemented.

Yours sincerely, Liz. Baker
Writing Skills

The purpose of this document is to suggest how the streets of Littlehampton could be made more attractive for residents.

General Appearance

In deneral, the streets of Littlehampton are dirty and unattractive. Fristly, there is a lot of litter and grafiti. Secondly, there is very little greenery.

Suggested Improvements

There are a number of improvements that cuold be made in order to....

2 Read the rubric and underline the key words, then answer the questions in pairs.

Your lokal council has been given a large sum of money by the government to improve your area in order to encourage more young professionals and families to live there. Students at your school have been asked by the head master to submit reports, making some suggestions.

Write your report.

1 Who is going to read your report?

2  What will he/she expect you to do?
    a  say why the young people in your area don't like living there
    b  suggest ways to attract more people to your area
    c  suggest improvements to your area to make more young professionals & families want to live there
    d  suggest ways to create more jobs in your area

3  Which of the following headings might you include in your report?

What To Do About The Houses Introduction
My Description Of The Area Beginning Housing
General Environment Conclusion Facilities
What I Don't Like About My Area

3 Read the model and fill in appropriate «J headings from Ex. 3.

From: Samantha Murray
To: Ron Taylor, Mayor of
Subject: Suggested improvements to the area
Date: 22nd October


The aim of this report is to suggest ways of improving the Newtown area in order to encourage more young people to live there.
There is a severe shortage of modem, comfortable housing in the area. Therefore, it would be appropriate to build some new apartment blocks to cater for young professionals and maybe a new housing estate for families. Space for this housing could be found by demolishing existing run-down buildings.

Some of the facilities in the area should also be improved. Firstly, I would strongly suggest that the council spend more money on the public transport network, so that people can commute easily to work. Secondly, more public facilities are needed, in particular a well-stocked library and a community centre offering activities and providing information about events in the area. In addition, some of the funding could also be used to create new playgrounds for children. Doing this would help to attract families to the area.
Unfortunately, our area has become quite run-down in recent years. In particular, there is a lot of graffiti on the walls and the streets are full of old broken-down cars and litter. The cars should be towed away, the walls repainted and the litter collected. Another suggestion would be for trees and flowers to be planted along the footpaths in order to make the streets more attractive.
All in all, I feel that new housing, better public transport, more public facilities, new parks and a cleaner environment would make good use of the government funding. They would definitely make living in Newtown more attractive to young professionals and families.

b In which part of the report does the writer: say what information the report will contain? make suggestions/recommendations? say who will read the report? state the purpose of the report? summarise the main points? offer a personal opinion? say who wrote the report?

Unking words & phrases

4  a Read the table and find the linking words/phrases used in the model report. Suggest alternatives.


b  Use appropriate linking words/phrases to fill in the gaps in the extracts below. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.

1............ lots of activities are organised at the community centre, they are poorly advertised.
............. , the centre is not being used as much as it could be.

2................that pop concerts be held in the park in the summer ............... there is something to interest teenagers too.

3..................., some of the windows on the first floor are cracked. ..........., the whole building badly needs repainting.

4    The entrance hall also needs improving, ................. the old-fashioned decor and poor lighting.

5 ..................repaint the community centre in a more modern style............encourage more young people to participate in activities.

Formal style

5  Use the words/phrases in brackets to rewrite the sentences in a more formal style.

1    Someone should do up the flats, (be renovated)

> The flats should be renovated.

2    I think this would make it a nicer place for students to hang out. (Doing this would/ more appealing to students)

3    I want to suggest how to make my school entrance hall better. (The purpose/report/ suggest improvements to)

4    No one lives in some of the old flats anymore, so they should knock them down, (uninhabited/ be demolished)

5    The last thing is, I really think that they should have language classes at the community centre. (Finally/I would strongly suggest/be held)

6    The library would bring in more people who live in the area, if it had more books, (attract/ residents/larger collection of books)

6  Read the rubric and underline the key words, then read the student's answer and the teacher's comments. Rewrite the report according to the teacher's instructions.

The warden of your local park wants to make the park more attractive and popular. Write a report making some suggestions on how the appearance of the park and its facilities can be improved.


7   Work in pairs. Read the rubrics, underline the key words, then discuss: who each report will be to/from, what the purpose of each will be, what style you will write in, what possible headings you might include, how you could begin/end each report.

A The warden of the flats where you live at university wants to improve them in order to make them safer and more pleasant to live in. He has asked different students to write a report making their recommendations. Write your report (120-180 words).

B You do an evening class at the local community centre. The director wants to make the centre more popular with young people and has asked you to write a report making some suggestions. Write your report (120-180 words).

8 a  Read rubric A again, then read the list of suggestions for improving a block of flats. Add two more ideas of your own, then choose your favourite four or five.

1    Redecorate and refurnish the interior in a more modern style.
2    Renovate the exterior of the building e.g. paintwork.
3    Install security doors with intercom & burglar alarms.
4    Make communal areas more welcoming e.g. living rooms, kitchens.
5    Employ security guards to guard the building at night.
b Brainstorm for ideas for rubric B in the same way. Then choose either rubric A or B and write your report. Exchange with a partner and edit each other's work.


Английский язык. 11 класс : учеб. для общеобразоват. учреждений / [О.В. Афанасьева, Дж.Дули, И.В. Михеева и др.]. - 2-е изд., доп. и перераб. - М.: Express Publishing : Просвещение, 2009. - 244 с. : ил. - (Английский в фокусе).

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