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1  What is the wild animal in the picture? Read the biography to find out.

Jack London

Jack London (1876-1916)

was the most successful American author of the early 20th century. He was born in San Francisco into a very poor family and led an adventurous life before deciding to become a writer. Most of his novels and short stories, such as Call of the Wild (1903), Love of Life (1905) and To Build a Fire (1908), are about men and animals in harsh conditions and are based on his real-life experiences. White Fang (1906) is the story of a wild wolf-dog. It begins in the frozen north of Canada where White Fang has a very difficult life. He has to fight for survival every day and he is treated very cruelly. Finally, he is saved from his cruel owner by a kind man called Scott Wheedon, who loves him and tames him. In return, White Fang saves his life when he is in trouble.

2  Look at the pictures. What is the extract about? Read and check.

3  RNE  Read the text and complete the gaps with the correct sentence. There is one sentence you do not need.

A He came up to them, panting, covered with dust.
B He licked them and wagged his tail.
C Again he commanded White Fang to go home.
D He did not finish his sentence.
E "He's trying to speak, I do believe," Beth announced.
F He growled and tried to push by them.
G He turned and trotted reluctantly away.
H By this time he had become the centre of attention.


"Home! Go home!" the master commanded when he had checked his injury.

White Fang didn't want to leave him. The master thought of writing a note, but searched his pockets in vain for pencil and paper.  I1 I  I

 He regarded him sadly, started away, then returned and whined softly. The master talked to him gently but seriously, and he cocked his ears , and listened with painful attention.

"That's all right, old fellow, you just run along home," ran the talk. "Go on home and tell them what's happened to me. Home with you, you wolf. Get along home!"

4 a  Check these verbs in the Word List. Use them in the correct form to complete the sentences.

•    growl • scream • shake • bark • stumble •    pant

1    The dog............ to get attention whenever he wanted something.
2    They ran very fast over the rocky hill and tried not to.............and fall.
3    The dog would      when he got angry to............warn people away.
4    When the man stopped running, he was ............from exhaustion.
5    When the two strangers were introduced, they.............. hands politely.
6    The woman saw a shadow and suddenly ............... with fear.


White Fang knew the meaning of "home," and though he did not understand the remainder of the master's  language, he knew it was his will that he should go home.
I2 I I Then he stopped, undecided, and looked back over his shoulder. "Go home!" came the sharp command, and this time he obeyed.

The family was on the porch, relaxing in the cool afternoon, when White Fang arrived.

I3 I  I "Weedon's back," Weedon's mother announced. The children welcomed White Fang with glad cries and ran to meet him. He avoided them and passed down the porch, but they cornered him against a rocking- chair and the railing. I4 I  ITheir mother looked apprehensively in their direction.

"I confess, he makes me nervous around the children," she said. "I have a fear that he will turn upon them unexpectedly some day."

Growling savagely, White Fang sprang out of the corner, overturning the boy and the girl. The mother called them to her and comforted them, telling them not to bother White Fang.

"A wolf is a wolf!" commented Judge Scott. "There is no trusting one."

"But he is not all wolf," interposed Beth, standing up for her brother in his absence2.

"You have only Weedon's opinion for that," replied the judge. "He only thinks that there is some breed of dog in White Fang; but as he will tell you himself, he knows nothing about it. As for his appearance — "

I5 I  I White Fang stood before him, growling fiercely.

"Go away! Lie down, sir!" Judge Scott commanded.

White Fang turned to the master's wife. She screamed with fright as he seized her dress in his teeth and dragged on it till the fabric tore. I6 I  I

He had stopped his growling and stood, head up, looking into their faces. His throat twitched, but made no sound, while he struggled with all his body, shaking with the effort to rid himself of the unspeakable something that struggled for expression.

"I hope he is not going mad," said Weedon's mother.

"I told Weedon that I was afraid the warm climate would not agree with an Arctic animal." I 7 I I

At this moment speech came to White Fang, rushing up in a great burst of barking.

"Something has happened to Weedon," his wife said decisively.

They were all on their feet now, and White Fang ran down the steps, looking back for them to follow. For the second and last time in his life he had barked and made himself understood.

1 try very hard to hear something

b Explain the words/phrases in bold from the text.

5   Match the verbs to the animals. What are these phrases in your  language?

I1 I  I quack                            a    wolf
I2 I  I meow                             b    sheep
I3 I  I hiss                               c    horse
I4 I  I oink                               d    lion
I5 I  I moo                               e    duck
I6 I  I neigh                              f    cat
I7 I  I croak                             g    Pig
I8 I  I howl                               h    snake
I9 I  I baa                                i    frog
I10 I  I roar                              j    cow

6  Listen and read the text again. Find parts in the text in which White Fang showed: obedience, determination, anger, unwillingness, understanding, faithfulness.

7  Explain the following. "What was of value to the master, White Fang valued, what was dear to the master, he cherished and guarded carefully." Give examples from the text.

8  How did White Fang feel for his master? Why? How has his master gained White Fang's affection? Discuss in pairs.

9  THINK!   Which human qualities can be attributed to White Fang? How do they affect him? Explain your answer.

10  THINK!  How can children benefit from having a pet? Spend three minutes writing about the topic.

Английский язык. 11 класс : учеб. для общеобразоват. учреждений / [О.В. Афанасьева, Дж.Дули, И.В. Михеева и др.]. - 2-е изд., доп. и перераб. - М.: Express Publishing : Просвещение, 2009. - 244 с. : ил. - (Английский в фокусе).

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