8c Grammar in Use

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Grammar in Use

Inversion >>  Grammar Reference

1  Read the theory box. Are there similar structures in your language?

We can invert the subject and the auxiliary verb in a sentence to give emphasis:

when the sentence starts with rarely, seldom, so, such ets. Rarely does she travel on her own.
So hard does he study that I'm sure he will pass his exams.
with so, neither, nor to express agreement.
"I like pasta."  "so do I."
with should, were, had when they come at the beginning of an if-clause instead of if.
Were I you, I'd apologise.
when the expressions only after, only by, only if, only when, not until come at the beginning of a sentence the inversion is the main clause. Only when you meet her will you realise how well-behaved she is after adverbs of place, we can invert the subject and the main verb to give emphasis. There goes the train.

2 Complete the sentences using inversion. Make sure the meaning is the same.

1  We can go ahead and book the holiday, but only if you agree.
Only if .........

2  He only takes time off work when he is really exhausted ........
Only when he is really exhausted ........

3  If you had paid in advance, you would have got a discount.
Had ....... you would have got a discount.

4  He took such a long holiday that he lost his job.
Such a long holiday ......... that he lost his job.

5 I didn't expect that I would have such a great time on holiday.
Little ......... I would have such a great time on holiday.

6 Refunds are not given for cancellations under any circumstances.
Under no .........for cancellations.

7  We enjoyed our holiday in Spain so much that we booked again for next year.
So .... holiday in Spain so much that we booked again for next year.

3 Fill in so, neither/nor and the appropriate verb.

1  A: I don't feel like going out tonight.
    B: .........I. Let's rent a DVD and stay in.

2    A: I will book my holiday early this year to get a good deal.
        B: That's a good idea .............. I.

3    A: We couldn't afford to go on holiday this year.
        B: ...........we. it's just so expensive.

4    A: We booked direct flights.
        B: ...............we.

5    A: We never go on holiday without travel insurance.
        B: ...........we. You never know when something might go wrong.

Plural / Singular nouns >> Grammar Reference

4   Choose the correct verb form. Which three nouns T can take either a singular or plural verb? Why?

1    The information I got was/were wrong.
2    The traffic is/are very bad today.
3    Let me give you an/some advice.
4    Maths is/are my favourite subject.
5    The cabin crew is/are very efficient.
6    My luggage has/have been lost.
7    Measles is/are usually caught by children.
8    The team is/are warming up for the match.
9    Her hair is/are very long.
10    The sheep was/were in the field.
11    People wants/want a new government.
12    Ј150 is/are all you will need for the trip.
13    The police is/are investigating the murder.
14    Money doesn't/don't make you happy.
15    The news was/were very depressing.
16    These trousers is/are too big.
17    The stairs is/are very steep.

Certain nouns can be used in the singular and \ plural with a different meaning.
This is a glass of water. BUT He's wearing glasses. He only has a few grey hairs. BUT Mary has curly brown hair.
There's some paper in that drawer. BUT The students handed in their papers on time.
 It's a custom in our family to eat together on Sundays.
 BUT The illegal skins were seized at customs.
She gets off work at 6. BUT Renoir's famous works I are on display at the museum.
 You don't need experience to apply for the job.
BUT We all learn from our experiences.
5   Use the words in the singular or plural form to complete the gaps.

•    experience • custom • hair • work
•    scale • wood

1    a My sister has beautiful long, blond ...........    
        b Oh no! I've just found two grey...........!

2    a I had so many amazing.........while in Asia.
         b It's difficult to get a job without    .........

3    a We enjoy going for walks in the ............    
        b The little house was made of    .............

4    a I've got a lot of ............ to do today.
        b Dickens wrote many amazing    .......

5    a Put your suitcase on the ..........  please.
        b How would you rate the flight, on a ....... of one to ten?

6    a He got his bag searched at ............
        b The ......... of bowing before royalty is still observed.

Quantifiers >> Grammar Reference

6   Underline the correct words. Give reasons for your answers.

1    A: Are there some/any apples left?
        B: Only a few/a little. I'll buy some/any more.

2    A: Did you get any/no help from the embassy when your passport was stolen?
         B: No, none/no one actually.

3    A: A lot of/Any flights have been delayed.
         B: I know. A few/Few have been cancelled too.

4    A: I have a little/little money left.
        B: Why don't you buy some/many clothes?

5    A: There are no/none flights to Australia.
         B: Little/Few airlines fly there from here.

7   Which phrase is not possible in each sentence? Which of the phrases can be followed by: a countable noun? an uncountable noun? Check in the Grammar Reference section.

1  There's been a great deal of/a large amount of/plenty of rain this year.
2  He drinks too many/several/a lot of/a good deal of coffee each day.
3  There were no/several/much/hardly any hotel rooms left.
4  I've got a lot of/hardly any/a couple of/ plenty of money.

8   Fill in the gaps with the compounds of some/any/no/every.

1    Has    ...... seen Michael? I've been looking for him ..... but he' be found!
2    .........knows me better than Amy.
3    ........... has stolen my luggage!
5    Pete asked me if I knew ............  about your problem but don't worry, I told him ......    
6    I've never been ......... I like more than Barcelona.

Quan tifiers >> Grammar Reference

9   Fill in: all, every, whole, each, both, neither, / either, none.

1    There's a bus ........ ten minutes.
2    These postcards are 25p .........    
3    I tried lots of hotels, but .......... of them had any vacancies.
4    I can't afford to pay for the    ......... holiday by myself.
5    These two bags are cheap. Why don't you buy ...........?
6    .......... Tom nor James likes jazz.
7    I'm sorry ......... our single rooms are taken.
8 come with us or you're staying here.

Phrasal verbs (check)

10  Fill in: in, on, out, over, off. Check in Appendix 2.

1    Mr Smith isn't here. He checked .......... on Monday.
2    Have you checked .......... all the items on your list?
3    Frank checked ....... his work before giving it to the teacher.
4    When I got to Paris, I checked ............    to a hotel.
5    My dad didn't believe I was doing my homework, so he came into my room to check ....... me.

Dependent Prepositions

11   Fill in: with, by, of. Check in Appendix 1.

1    We were very dissatisfied ........the hotel.
2    I've always dreamed...........going to Prague.
3    We have a little cottage...............the sea.
4    The museum was crowded    ..............people.
5    The resort is typical...........many around the Mediterranean.

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