What's on today?

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What's on today?

1    Listen to the conversation and say    

1 what the friends are going to do.
2.    whether they will be able to do it.    
3.    why / why not they will be able to do it.
4.    what the place is famous for.

2    Read the conversation and find out the meaning of the words from the context.

a premiere                                          to advertise 29-10-10.jpg                              a cast
the tickets are sold out                        to star                                             What's on?

Emily:     It would be a pity to be in LA and not to go to a movie theater. Let's go to Mann's Chinese
                 Theater. You told us that it's famous for its premieres.
Jack:        Yes, let's see what's on today.
Misha:    Oh, look today is the premiere of "The Big Day". I'd really like to see that.
Mark:      Yes, it's been advertised everywhere, on TV, on the radio, in the newspapers and magazines.
Jack:        I'm afraid the tickets are sold out. It's very difficult to get tickets to the premiere.
Rob:         That surprises me. Why is that?
Jack:        You're in Hollywood, remember. And this is the famous Mann's
                  Chinese Theater. It's really well-known for its movie premieres, and the footprints
                  and handprints of the celebrities who have visited it.
Emily:     Will the celebrities come too?
Jack:        Yes, normally the stars in the cast turn up for the premiere. That's why this place is so popular.
Emily:     I see.
Misha:    Excuse me, I didn't understand what you've just said.
Emily:     The stars are the actors who play the main parts. You can also say that these actors starred in
                  the movie. The cast is all of the actors who took part in the movie.

3    Read the English words for describing films and match them gj драма with the Russian translations.


7.    a historical film
8.    a fantasy film
9.    a horror film
10.    a science fiction film
11.    an animated film / cartoon
12.    a war film
13.    a western
14.    a children's film
15.    a soap opera
16.    a comedy
17.    a classic
18.    a musical
19.    an action film
20.    a romance


100% American

Blockbuster— this term was first used during World War II, and was a name for a very large bomb. It was formed from the words for a city block and bust, a verb meaning "to break". A blockbuster was a bomb large enough to destroy a city block. After the war this term started to be used to describe an important, popular and successful film or book.

Western — a typical American film genre. The setting is usually on the American frontier during the second half of the 19th century (1865-1900). The characters in these films are usually cowboys and Indians.

4 Listen to the speaker and check you answers.

     Types of films 
     Other words which are used to describe films

5  a)    Match the words used to describe films with the definitions.
    b)    Use them to say what kind of films you like / dislike and why.

1.    boring                                      a) there's lots of fighting and blood
2.    funny                                       b) fantastic
3.    violent                                      c) very exciting
4.    moving                                     d) makes you fall asleep
5.    thrilling                                     e) terrible
6.    superb                                      f) makes you laugh
7.    awful                                        g) very emotional and sad

6 Jack takes Emily and her friends to the Egyptian Movie Theater. Today there are a lot of old movies on. Look through the advertisements for the movies and say:

a)    what's on today.
b)    what genre each film belongs to.
c)    who stars in each film.


7    In groups. Hove you seen any of the movies that are on at the Egyptian Movie Theater today?

a)    If yes, write down what the movies are about. Write 5-7 sentences.
b)    If not, which of them would you like to see? Why?

8    Listen to the film summaries. Match the titles with the summaries. Answer the questions about each film.


9    Jack and his friends are deciding which film to see. Listen to the conversation, read it and say which film suits all of them.

Emily:    I'd like to see a romance. Let's go to "Shakespeare in Love".
Rob:       Oh, no. It's boring.
Mark:     How can you tell if you haven't seen it? It's funny and there's a love story in it so it's a kind of romantic comedy.

Rob:      If you want a comedy, let's see "Home Alone".
Mark:     But it's so old! I've seen it ten times already.
Misha:   Yes, it'll be a waste of time.
Jack:       Let's see "Shrek" then. It's really worth seeing: it's about love, it's funny, and the music is great.
Mark:     But it's an animated film for kids. I can't stand animated films.
Jack:       Well, you'll have to make up your minds quickly... The films are about to start.

10    Let's play and talk. Work in pairs. Use the information below for your own conversations.

A: You are a customer in a video shop. Your information is on this page.
B: You are a shop assistant. Some extra information for you is on page 161.

A  Ask the shop assistant to recommend a film for you to watch. Answer his / her questions about your tastes. Listen to his / her advice. Ask him / her what the film is about, who the film director is and who starred in it. Make up your mind and choose a film.

В  Offer to help the customer. Ask him / her what kind of films he / she likes. Advise him / her to buy one of the four films that you have on special offer at the moment (use the information below to help you). You could also advise the customer to buy another film (not the films on his / her list). Answer his / her questions about the film.


А   Match the definitions with the words with expressions, you've learned in this unit.

1.    The person who makes a film.
2.    All the actors in the film.
3.    The first time the film is demonstrated.
4.    The person who is rich and famous.
5.    A sad and emotional film.
6.    No tickets left.
В   Complete the sentences with the suitable words and expressions.

1.    The scene is... in the 1960s in New York.
2.    The film is... a little boy who leaves his home to find his father.
3.     I recommend this film. There are cowboys and Indians in it. Actually it's a
4.    At first Mary and Jack hate each other but then they fall...
5.    It's a brilliant romance. Greta Garbo... in it.
6.    I'd like to know what's... today?
7.    Let's go to the... and see the latest...

С a) What kind of films are these Russian films? Who stars in them? Which of them could be called a blockbuster or a cult film?

мастер и маргарита

b) Which of these films do / don't you like? Why? Write 4-5 sentences.

D Write a short review of any Russian film that you like.

Information for В

1.    Shrek is a green ogre (a kind of monster) who hates everyone and just wants everybody to leave him alone. His peaceful life changes when evil Lord Farquad (Lithgow) sends all the fairy folk to live near Shrek's home. The evil lord has an ambition to become a king, and to do that he needs a real princess. He chooses Princess Fiona, but she is guarded by a dragon. So Lord Farquad needs somebody to save the princess for him. When Shrek turns up in Farquard's castle and asks the lord for some peace and quiet, they make an agreement. Lord Farquad will do what Shrek wants, if Shrek brings him the princess. Shrek saves Princess Fiona from the dragon, but his adventures are only beginning. Shrek, Princess Fiona and their friend, a talking donkey, are going to learn a lot about friendship, life and love.

2.    The owner of a large bookstore chain, Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), wants to buy a small local bookstore and close it, but the owner of the bookstore Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) wants to keep her store. At the same time they are writing each other letters over the Internet without knowing who either of them is. In real life they can't stand each other, but over the Internet they fall in love. He finds out who she is, but she doesn't know this. Will Kathleen be able to see that the man who has ruined her business is really the love of her life? Will he understand that there are more important things in life than money and success?

3.    Eight-year-old Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) is left at home by his family when they go on a Christmas holiday to Paris. At first the boy seems to enjoy the situation, but then he finds out that he is in danger. Two robbers, Harry and Marv, decide to break into the house. Will Kevin be able to defend his home?

4.    The scene is set in London in the late 16th century. Young playwright William Shakespeare is writing a new play, called "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter". Beautiful Viola, who comes from a rich family, is a great fan of Shakespeare's plays. Viola's father is going to marry his daughter to cold-hearted Lord Wessex, but she dreams of being an actress. Women can't go on the stage, and all female roles are played by men. Viola dresses up as a boy and goes to the theatre. She gets a role in the new play, and soon she and William fall in love.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 9 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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