A walk down Hollywood Boulevard

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A walk down Hollywood Boulevard

1 Would you like to be successful in your career? Do you have a plan for how to do it? What is important to be successful?

a)    talent
b)    a lot of experience
c)    rich parents
d)    a lot of patience and hard work

e)    self-confidence
f)    a lot of luck
g)    high self-esteem
h)    good    looks

2    Misha and his friends are talking to their guide Jack. Listen to the conversation and answer the question: What do these words and expressions mean in this conversation?

1.    to be a loser
а) быть неудачником b) потеряться с) быть потерянным

2.    to have good connections
а) иметь контакты b) иметь хорошие связи с) знакомиться

3.    to be discovered
а) быть открытым Ь) быть обнаруженным с) быть найденным

4.    to be a promising actor
а) обещать быть актером Ь) быть многообещающим актером с) обещать понапрасну

3    Read the conversation and answer the questions.

1.    Where does Jack come from?
2.    Why is Jack sad?
3.    What does he want to achieve?
4.    Why does Jack call himself a loser?
5.    What does Emily think is important to be successful?
6.    What does Jack think is important to be successful?

Misha:   That song about "celluloid heroes" is actually very sad, Jack.
Jack:        You're right. Hollywood Boulevard always makes me sad.
Rob:        But why?
Jack:        It reminds me that all my dreams are unrealistic, and I'll never
                 achieve anything.
Rob:        And what would you like to achieve?
Jack:       Oh. it's a typical Hollywood story. Two years ago I left my parents' little farm in
                 Texas and came to LA. In my home town everybody said that I was good-looking and good
                 at acting. When I came to LA, I was full of ambition. I was sure that very soon somebody
                 would notice me and give me a part in a movie. But nothing happened. I've been working
                 as a tour guide for two years now, and nobody has asked me to be in a movie yet.
                 So here I am, a typical Hollywood loser.
Emily:    Oh, don't give up so easily, Jack. Hard work and a bit of talent are the only things that matter.
                 And, of course, you have to believe in yourself.
Jack:       Yes, I used to think so too, but in fact what you need are good
                 connections and a lot of luck.
Mark:     But think about people like Walt Disney, Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, Sean Connery or
                 Jack Nicholson. They had no connections, but they became legends.
Jack:       They are the lucky exceptions. And besides, they were still quite young when they were discovered.
                 I'm already twenty-five, and nowadays stars start their careers very early. Take Macaulay Culkin, for example.
Mark:     You're not quite right, Jack. An early start doesn't guarantee success. Macaulay Culkin
                 was a very promising child actor when he was in "Home Alone", but now that he's grown up,
                 he doesn't get any more roles.
Jack:       You may be right, but I should probably think of another career. I can't work as a tour guide all my life.
4 Misha doesn't know anything about how these famous stars started their careers, so Jack is telling him. Try to match the star with his / her first job.

5    Listen to the speaker, check your answers and find out a bit more about famous stars.Write the answers down and add information about what the people do now.

Model:   Walt Disney had been an ambulance driver before he became the
             founder of the Disney studios.

Conversation bricks    

Many people think that... — многие думают, что
Everybody says that...— все говорят, что
We all know that... — мы все знаем, что usually — обычно
in general — в общем


But what about...? — А как насчет...?
But don't forget... — Но не забывайте...
Very true, but... — Очень справедливо, но...
But in fact... — Но на самом деле...
But actually... — Но в действительности...
And besides... — И к тому же...
OK, but... - Да, но...
In reality... — В действительности...
The exception is... — Исключение составляет...

6    Discuss these ideas. Use expressions from the Conversation bricks in Ex. 5. Give examples from the text or think of your own examples.

If you start your career early, you're likely to be successful.
If you don't get a good education, you're unlikely to achieve anything.
If you work really hard, you're sure to be successful.
Good connections and a good education won't help without a bit of luck.


A Fill in the gaps in the conversation.

Model: ...Pugacheva is a famous singer - Everybody knows that Pugacheva is a famous singer.

1.    ...the life of a celebrity is happy and carefree, ...a lot of them suffer from depression.
2. need to have very good connections if you want to achieve anything. ...our famous sports star Evgeniy Plushenko? He achieved everthing by hard work.  
3.    ...people with high self-esteem are good at anything they do.— ... brother is very ambitious, but he hasn't made a successful career, doesn't understand what he's doing wrong.
4.    ...once you're discovered, you'll be getting more and more roles, hit doesn't make a star.
В  Translate the sentences into English.

1.    Если ты будешь много работать, то обязательно добьешься успеха.
2.    Мне понадобится немного везения.
3.    Хорошее образование поможет тебе получить интересную работу.
4.    Не считай себя неудачником, попытайся сделать это еще раз.
5.    Его брат — многообещающий ученый.
6.    Вряд ли моя подруга чего-либо добьется. У нее очень низкая самооценка.
7.    Если вы хотите стать актером, вам нужно верить в себя.

К. И. Кауфман, М. Ю. Кауфман Английский язык: Счастливый английский.ру / Happy Учебник англ. яз. для 9 кл. общеобраз. учрежд.— Обнинск: Титул, 2008.— 288 с: ил.

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