As soon as I am old enough

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Lesso ns 3-4 As soon as I'm old enough


1. What can you say about this girl?



2 A. Read the introduction and say what the girl's problems may be.

Sasha is 14 and lives with her mum, dad, an older brother and a younger brother and sister. She doesn't get on well with any of her family and plans to leave home as soon as she is old enough...

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B. Read Sasha's letter to the youth magazine "Shout" and compare your answers with it.

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One of the worst things about my house is the lack of privacy. If I disappear into my room for some peace, it's guaranteed that someone will come after me, wanting to know what I am up to. The thing is because I share a room with my little sistet. I can't just shut the door, and keep (1) everyone out. She's always complaining that it's her room, too. Even worse, it means nothing is safe, I guess she goes through all my stuff, mucks about with my toiletries. and eats the sweets I keep (2) in my room, If I want to keep (3) anything secret, I have to use a lock and key on my cupboard.

I don't know who I dislike more, my older brother, who's sixteen, or my younger one, who's eleven. My older brother IS a total creep. He pushes me around a lot and is alwavs makino nastv little comments about me. I hate being in the house alone with him, My little brother is just a geek. He asks me embarrassing questions about boys and stuff, and always shows me up in front of my mates, If I'm on the phone to one ny friends, he picks up the exiension and listens in. 

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Although I'm nearly fifteen, my mum and dad treat me like a baby. They don't  let me out at night during the week and if I want to go to a friend's house at the weekend, they phone up her parents first and arrange what time I've to be home by, Dad always asks me about boys, warning me that I'm not allowed to go out on a real date till I'm at least fifteen - what a joke! He keeps (4) nagging me about homework and studying, and he doesn't believe me when I say I don't  have any to do. He just thinks I'm being lazy when I sit watching the telly at night.

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The other thing that bugs me is that I'm treated like an unpaId slave in the house. I have to do the dishes, help with the ironing... I wouldn't object to this if everyone in the house did their fair share, but my brothers only keep (5) their room ctean, and my sister just acts like a baby and does nothing. Mum tells me that she needs the help and I'm the best at doing housework, but that's because I'm the onlv one who does it !

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I'm going to leave home as soon as I'm old enough, It'd be great if I could get a job and a flat when I leave school, but that's not very likely, so I'm going to apply to a college that's across the other side of the country. I wish I just had one tiny room of my own. My mates always say that I'll miss my family once I leave, but I doubt that!

C. Translate the highlighted words and phrases without a dictionary using clues from the context.

D. Answer question 3 alongside the text.


3 A. Match the words and phrases from the text with the closest meaning:

1 lack of privacy
2 show somebody up
3 embarrassing
4 nag
5 act like a baby
6 do their fair share
7 treat
8 go through

a) making you feel nervous and uncomfortable
b) look at or examine carefully
c) the state of being unable to be alone
d) behave towards someone in a particular way
e) distribute the responsibilities in a fair way
f) to make someone feel embarrassed by behaving in a stupid or unacceptable way when you are with them
g) express one's negative attitude to someone's behaviour in a very boring way
h) behave in a childish way

B. Sasha has a lot of complaints.

. Find the examples, Sasha uses to show that she has the following problems.



4 In small groups discuss the following:

I Do Sasha's complaints seem Quite objective and fair to you? Why? Why not?
2 What resolution of her problems has she chosen?
3 What does it tell you about her character?
4 What alternatives would you suggest?

                                                    Language work

5 A. Answer questionG)alongside the text.

B. Use the Present Continuous + "always" (see Grammar Reference...) to write sentences describing people you know who often do some of the following things (or other things).

My friend is always losing his keys.

ask embarrassing questions;
worry about nothing;
nag somebody about something;
muck about with something;
treat somebody like a baby;
complain about health;
show somebody up in front of somebody.

6. A. Answer question 2 alongside the text.

B. Change the sentences in column A using the proper construction with "keep" from column B. Change the form if necessary.

1 He played and played his sIlly computer game without looking at me.
2 My CDs in the cupboard are in perfect order,
3 There is something I want to tell you, but you should never tell anybody about it.
4 You are not allowed to come in - we are preparing a surprise for you.

a) keep (sb) out
b) keep doing sth
c) keep sth neat and tidy
d) keep sth secret

C. Which construction with keep (a, b, c or d) from the table above is close in meaning to the Present Continuous for "annoying habits"?


7 Role Play: A family therapy session

Sasha's family have read her letter in the magazine. They are worried about the situation in the family and have decided to discuss the problems with a family therapist.

A. Choose one of the following roles:

Sasha's father
younger sister
younger brother
elder brother
a family therapist

There might be several "fathers", "mothers' etc. in the class.


B. Preparation

. Divide into small groups, consisting of "mothers" ("fathers" etc,) only.
. Working together (e.g. the group of "mothers") try to explain Sasha's attitude to you and the whole family.
. In the "therapist" group brainstorm questions you could ask each member of the family to clear up the situation.
. In "Sasha's' group try to collect all the arguments to explain your attitude to your family.
. In "the boys'" group try to be objective to girls' problems - you might have never taken them seriously!
. For the language of agreement / disagreement refer to Lessons 1-2.

C. Performance

. Form groups containing one representative of each role, (see ex. 7A)
. Exchange your opinions.
. If you are a therapist - take notes and ask questions. Then summarise what you have heard from all the members of the family, Try to analyse the situation in a short report.

O. Л. Гроза, О. Б. Дворецкая, Н. Ю. Казырбаева, В. В. Клименко, М. Л. Мичурина, Н. В. Новикова, Т. Н. Рыжкова, Е. Ю. Шалимова, Английский язык нового тысячелентия, Учебник английского языка для 10 класса общеобразовательных учреждений. — 2-е изд. — М. Титул, 2004. — 175 с, ; ил.

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