How can you burn calories?

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How can you burn calories?

1 Listen to the expressions and repeat them after the speaker. Match the expressions with their translations.

1.    physical activity                                      

2.    to burn calories                               
3.    convenience food                                       
4.    a balanced diet                                         
5.    fast food restaurants                             
6.    to contain energy                                    
7.    to contain fat
2 Match the verbs with the nouns and find common word combinations. Sometimes more than one combination is possible.

1.    weight                     a) to have
2.    exercises                b) to lose
3.    calories                   c) to burn
4.    convenience food     d) to do

3 Answer the questions.

1.    How can you burn calories?
2.    What physical activity do you do every day?
3.    Give examples of a balanced diet. What should a person eat?
4.    Is there much convenience food in the shops in your city / town / village? Do you like it? Do you think it tastes good?
5.    Are there any fast food restaurants in your city / town / village? Are they popular? Do you like the food there?

4 Emily and her friends have come to visit Jane. The hospital is holding a conference on healthy lifestyles. A government health advisor, Debora Bulmer, Doctor Bernard Foam and John Small, a fitness coach, are taking part. Read the following statements. Which of them do you agree / disagree with?'

Model:I think it's true that everybody should do exercise three times a week.
1.    "Not every diet is good for you."
2.    "Everybody should do exercise three times a week."
3.    "American children eat too much fast food and spend a lot of time in front of the TV."
4.    "Excess weight can lead to health problems."
5.    "Fats are an important part of everybody's diet."
6.    "A balanced diet is a very important thing."
7.    "A lot of American children are overweight." 

8.    "Twenty years ago American children didn't spend so much time in front of the TV."
9.    "Physical activity is good for your health."
10.    "The government should spend money on new sports clubs for children."
11.    "Teenagers should eat at least four pieces of fruit and four servings of vegetables every day."
12.    "Eating a lot of meat is good for you."
13.    "We must do our best to tell children about a balanced diet and open free sports clubs."
14.    "When I was a child, we didn't have convenience food."
15.    "Swimming and jogging burn a lot of calories."
16.    "You lose weight if you burn fewer calories than you take in."

5    Учитывая профессию людей, принимающих участие в пресс-конференции, попытайтесь предположить, кому принадлежат высказывания из упр. 4. Обоснуйте свои ответы.

Model:"Excess weight can lead to health problems." — I think the doctor
            said that excess weight can lead to health problems.

6    Listen to the conference and check your answers.

7    Fill in the gaps with say or tell. Do you agree with these statements?

1.    Listen to your parents when they ... you that you should eat more fruit.
2.    You shouldn't... anything about meat to vegetarians.
3.    It's OK to ... people that they should lose weight.
4.    Somebody who ... that he doesn't need exercise is lazy.
5.    To ... you the truth convenience food is not always healthy.
6.    It's not a good idea to ... everybody that you are on a diet.


A Translate the following statements into Russian.

1.    She asked Andrew to come to her house at 6.30 that evening.
2.    He told us he had never been there before.
3.    John asked Peter if he could help him.
4.    We asked Mary where she had been.
5.    She told Martin she would be able to meet him at 7.30.
6.    He said that Moscow is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.
7.    She told her son to tell the truth.
8.    He said that he had to help his brother's family.
9.    The mother asked her son what he was doing.

В Change the sentences from Ex. A into direct speech.

С Find the odd one out.

1.    Balanced, healthy, casual, strict, vegetarian — DIET
2.    To count, to burn, to eat, to diet — CALORIES
3.    Healthy, excess, exciting, unhealthy — LIFESTYLE
4.    Physical, every day, calorie, morning — ACTIVITIES
5.    To watch, to exercise, to lose, to gain, to control — WEIGHT
6.    Slow, fast, vegetarian, disgusting, delicious, restaurant — FOOD

D Fill in the gaps to complete the sentences.

1.    — Why are you eating so much? — I'm ... a diet? — What? — Yes, it's a
special diet for very thin people. I'm trying to ... some weight.
—    You're lucky. Everybody wants to ... weight.
—    I don't agree with you.

2.    — I'm ... Let's have something to eat quickly!
—    There's a McDonald's round the corner.
—    Oh, no. I don't like ... food. It's ... for your health.
—    True, McDonald's is not for somebody who counts ... Let's go somewhere else.

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